Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.

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  • What you said is why I don't like those loons!
      Posted Jan 8, 2006 7:30 PM

      Don't let ANYBODY pressure you into making ANY decisions concerning your faith! When it is time for you to come to whatever decision you may or may not need to make in life, you won't need a 'middle-man' you WILL know - so don't fall victim to commercialized Christianity!

      There are MILLIONS who are walking around thinking they are 'saved' because they made a 'profession of faith' because of human (external) pressure and even due to the 'lulling' music during an altar call - another human external influence designed to dupe the masses!

      Just ran across a website that has the same beliefs as those loons who ran Mountain Park and Palm Lane - and this is precisely why so many of you have chosen to walk away from THEIR 'god'.

      Look at the confusion in these beliefs the Independent Fundies - like the Wills and Gerhardts - rant about:

      We believe that only by GRACE is salvation OFFERED to sinners, it is NOT BY WORKS lest any should boast.

      the offer to have ones sins forgiven is open to whosoever shalt CONFESS WITH THEIR MOUTH the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead; for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and WITH THE MOUTH CONFESSION IS MADE unto salvation.

      Though our new desire is not to sin, we believe that every born-again believer has a tendency to sin and does sin. The sins we speak of here will hinder our walk and usefulness to God, but if truly a child of God, they will not negate our salvation. Though we believe the child of God is eternally secure, HE MUST CONTINUALLY CONFESS HIS SINS and be forgiven to restore his daily walk with the Lord.

      Let's see:

      They claim salvation is NOT BY WORKS - but -

      [required to]




      if truly a child of God, they [the SINS committed] will not negate our salvation. Though we believe the child of God is eternally secure, HE MUST CONTINUALLY CONFESS HIS SINS >>>>AND BE FORGIVEN<<<< to restore his daily walk with the Lord.

      They are a bunch of loons. No doubt about it! (Not by works, BUT - if you don't go through the WORK of CONFESSING WITH YOUR MOUTH, you can't be saved???? How many of those loons BRAG about being SAVED and ACCUSE others of NOT BEING SAVED??? Yes, they think they are all-seeing and all-knowing gods, but they're just looney!)

      Don't worry about anything that they told you there - you'll be just fine - the REAL & TRUE & MERCIFUL GOD will see to that! He'll find you when YOU are ready - you won't have to go looking - contrary to what you've been told. Too many people in this world trying to take the place of the 'holy spirit' and become the 'conscience of God' for all mankind. I don't think God everlasting is too happy about that.

      Just do GOOD WORKS in life and you'll be pleasantly surprised by God himself and will form a TRUE relationship with Him: You'll discover that you've been walking with him a long time - that He was there with you in all of the GOOD things you were doing. KNOWING God is ABOUT DOING GOOD WORKS - that is how you WALK THE WALK - don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise!

      Keep on keeping on!

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