Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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over 6 years in and 10 years later

February 11 2010, 3:23 PM 

Ok so many of you guys might know me, know about me, or not know me at all. I haven't jumped on this band wagon for a while just because....

I was sent there when I was about 10 years old and about to turn 11. My parents really didn't have time to raise me the right way because they worked a lot to give me and my brother things that we didn't have. I kind of became out of control for them at age 10. I didn't do anything like rob stores or anything that some people got sent there for. I just didn't listen to my parents like most normal kids. I was there for just over 6 years and was one of the more "trusted" girls. I have to say I had fun while I was there. There some things that I questioned about stuffed that happened, but I was a kid and that was all that I knew.

I have to say that my experience there for better or for worse has molded me into the person I am today. I loved living with the girls. I guess growing up with girls that were older than me definitely made me mature a little faster than most other people. When I was 18 and left MP, I looked at myself and those peers around me and found that I saw life in a different light. I was behind on the music, movies, and trends. I didn't cuss and was difinitely not in the in crowd. I didn't know much about sex. I thought sleeping in the same bed with a guy was wrong. But there was one thing that MP equipped me with. That was responsibility and maturity. I am not saying that the staff there did it. It was probably I got to live with some of the best friends that I still talk to once in a while.

There are things that I definitely appreciate MP for and there are things I am angry at MP for. If it wasn't for MP, I wouldn't have the upbringing that I did have. My parents were always too busy to really care. I mean I know they cared but they were too busy working all the time. I am not sure where I would be right now and how I would have turned out if there wasn't someone there that took the time to raise me and make sure that I learned. I appreciate even the religious side of it. MP made me challenge ways of belief. I don't believe right now the way that MP had wanted us to believe, but I believe in a God and I was able to find for myself what I believe in and not just what I was told to believe. I learned to search and not just say I believe because someone else told me this is right and this is wrong. However, I am angry about the shelter life they gave me. I wish I was able to know more about the world and not just told that the world was bad. My parents and I's relationship has fallen apart too. One because I barely ever got to talk to them except once a week and most of the time they failed to call me even that much. I only got to see them once a year even though I was given the opportunity to see them twice. I am angry at MP at this point because I see them as a direct contribution to my parents and I's relationship falling apart. My parents and I haven't talked to each other in almost 10 years and I haven't seen them in almost 10 years. After all, they gave me up at 10 years of age and decided to let someone else raise me. I joined the military almost right after MP because I had always wanted to join the military. MP gave me the dicispline that I needed though to obey those in authority and get me through the training including airborne school.

I want to also take the time to apologize. I was a junior staff without the title. I was trusted. I was asked to do a lot of things that now as I look back I know were pretty questionable. The first year I was there I was spanked with a board a few times. As I grew up, I held people down for cold showers and made to drag someone around a field. I thought those where discipline measure that were by the "bible". I feel bad and think about it quite often. There are to this day I feel bad about participating in those events because I thought those things were right. I grew up there and just like people don't really question their paretns; I never questioned my actions.

10 years later... I have graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from a great University and am shooting for my masters as a Physician Assistant. I am out of the military now and am gay. However, I do have a few of the same beliefs that MP taught me like there is a God. However, I describe myself as a well balance part of society. I am not a religous person, but I believe that I do have someone to answer to for my actions. I am gay and love being gay. I work a pretty good job in a car dealership.

10 years later... it has taken me this long to actually physically get on one of these sites to tell a short story about what was my experience at MP and PL. To this day, my girlfriend, best friend/roommate, and those working with me don't know about MP. The only ties I still have is those great girls that I went to MP with that still email me through facebook and myspace.

A lot of you guys see MP in one way or the other. You either really hate MP or you really like MP. I think one way or the other MP had a way to shape our lives. I am not sure if I should hate MP all the way or like MP all the way. However, I have learned that everything that happens shape who we are today. Whether we like who we are or we don't like who we are, we all have a goal and we all are as the old saying goes "trying to get to the center of town." No matter how we get there;it just matters that we do. There are things that I am pissed off about growing up there, but I have learned to take it and move on. I can't change anything in the past. Again, I am just trying to get to the center of town.

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June 13 2010, 2:33 AM 

I have to admit that the posts I have read today are for the most part disturbing. I wish I knew more about the context and prspective of the people posting. What I do know is that my sister would likely be dead if not for this intervention and MP. The only time that she and I could have a conversation and be in the same room for more than 15 minutes was during her years there. While she reported that it was tough at MP never did i hear about abuse. I personally opposed to organized religion and my relationship with god is very personal and on my terms.That being said as a mother if my son headed down the path of my younger sibling places like MP would be something I would consider. I would be willing to try the most extreme and drastic measures to save my child from himself. Again that being said there are boundaries that people cannot cross with children. Humiliation is not an effective form of discipline neither is violence. please be clear that I advocate DISCIPLINE which means to teach not PUNISHMENT. I ache for those of you who were wounded and feel that MP poured salt on those wounds but I feel my sibling was not there long enough. Had she stayed til she was 18 maybe her kids would have a better shot at a life than she and I did, maybe she would have the coping skills needed to break the cycle. You live what you know until you learn different.

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Justin hischke

Re: Welcome Feel Free to tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Church & Boarding Academy

February 4 2018, 3:57 PM 

Hello my name is Justin hischke I was a student or inmate at Mountain Park Baptist boarding Academy. I was treated very poorly I had to haul wood from sunup to sundown in the cold all that good stuff I was abused pretty hard core thank God State came in close that place down and I got to go home I'd like to know what happened any of the other guys that were there I was there with Dan Schock Ray Palmer those are just a couple names

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