Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Welcome Feel Free to tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Church & Boarding Academy

May 18 2003 at 10:35 PM


It's o.k. they can't hurt you anymore...

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Gina Thacker

Re: Welcome Feel Free to tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Church & Boarding Academy

January 10 2004, 9:05 AM 

My name is Gina and I was a student a MPBA from November 2000 - December 2001. I was at my highschool in Knoxville TN and my parents came to take me to what i thought was a new highschool. Well i was right in a since it was a new school alright just not quite what i expected. I had no idea that i was going to a boarding school until i was about two hours away. At first i was relieved to be there but when i actually arrived i was scared to death.
When i walked through the door of the school there were a few girls there to greet me. They were wearing dresses and conducted their selves very well. My parents were pleased with the place and i have to admit i was too. It was very well kept and clean. After my parents dropped me off i went downstairs and sat in one of the dorms while my parents went to look around and fill out more paperwork. Most of the time the before the parents left they would come back and see their children one more time, but i didn't get to see mine because they didn't know that they could. After they left i was told that i had to take a shower and i was ok with that. Then they made me strip in front of them and i was humiliated but i did it. I had to put some sort of delicing lotion in my hair and all over my body. After that i went to a church service and i really didn't want to listen to a pastor so i closed my eyes and got ridiculed for it. After that i knew i was in trouble. It took me a while to get use to the fact that i was going to be there for a while but i eventually learned to deal with it. While i was there i never saw my other classmates get paddled or swatted but i did see other things that i didn't agree with. When you misbehaved you got you sweets taken away or your belongings. Some girls had to wear ugly dresses and only had hose, one dress, shampoo,a brush, toothbrush with toothpaste, soap, and towels/wash cloth and this was it.
Some girls i do believe were mistreated. I do remember this one girl who was eleven or twelve received cold showers after misbehaving. This meant that the girl was to sit under cold water while a staff member sat on top of the shower and watched her. I don't belive the girl was nude while this was happening but still that was harsh. Another incident is when a girl refused to go to church for whatever reason was picked up by other fellow classmates and carried to the service and tide to a chair with a belt rapped around her waist and her head tide back so she would watch the preacher. This had to be humiliating for her but what could she do and what could anyone of the other students do? I highly disagreed with that because many of the girls didn't believe the same way as they did but still they were forced to learn their teachings. They never starved us though we always had really good food and we ate three times a day and we recieved plenty of exercise. I do belive parents need to seriously think about what they are doing before they send their child there. There is much more to say about what happened there but i will say that i will never forget the thirteen months that i spent there it is a scar that will never go away and to this day since i left i have not set foot in a church and my father is a pastor!

Sincerely and concerned,

P.S. If you have any questions or would like additional information my email is

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tj johnson

I went to the school too now im facing charges what do i do?

February 9 2004, 7:10 PM 

hey i went to the school too i hate it i ran away from there and i stole two conoes and im facing charges i would appreciate it if you would write me a statement i know you dont know me and i dont know me but im ready to put an end to mpba\

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Ray Palmer

whats up tj

July 28 2004, 1:43 AM 

hey Tj do u remmeber me i sall you get beat up alot hey im sorry if i was mean to you at mountain park im glad you ran away from mountain park you have alot balls doing that it effected me to cause when you ran away the state came in and i got to leave mountain park well eny ways if u want to email me my sreen name is i would like to no what happend when you guys ran away i meen how did john trask get involved

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tj johnson


December 23 2012, 7:49 PM 

hey man 10 yrs later i c u wrote me i hope this finds u i might try to look ya up. if this does find you write. i got out because i had to put an end to the shit. and we did! bitches so hows life u doin good. my email is

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Justin hischke

Re: whats up tj

February 4 2018, 4:38 PM 

What's going on Ray Palmer you should hit me up 3124015421.

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I got some News for you

April 28 2004, 6:58 PM 

My name is Justin Eisele and i attended the school from 00-01. I was there just shy of a year. I am not going to take the time to go over my entire experience there but i think that you might want to hear some of the things that went on while i was there. One thing is for sure and thats the fact that the School and some of the things that went on there were horrible. Just for starters there was one kid there who had problems with messing his pants. I dont feel that it was his fault because he was new and it took some time to adjust to the food. Now when i say that he messed his pants i am not talking about full on, He just had some pretty bad streaks. YOU are probably wondering where i am going with this but you are going to find this Kinda disturbing. They made him strip down, They filled a bucket full of cleaning chemicals and they put him in a freezing cold shower and scrubed him with a plastic scrub brush on a stick until his entire back and chest were beat red. Now you probably saying thats not to bad well its not over. That night and for three or four nights after that they forced him to use SUPPOSITORY Laxitives. He was made to wake up every hour on the hour and made to use the restroom for at least fifteen minutes. That is just one thing that happened while i was there if you want more let me now and i can keep them coming.

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Re: I got some News for you

October 16 2009, 5:02 PM 

I remember that kid craping himself and the rest of it. He had to carry logs up the hills a d all kinds of stuff. The things they got away with man. I was there for eight months and a day and spent half of it on restrictions. Fun times.

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ryan poirier

Re: I got some News for you

December 19 2014, 1:19 AM 

I remember that 2 had to get wood for the stoves i think his name was matt

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Justin hischke

Re: I got some News for you

February 4 2018, 4:13 PM 

I was one of the kids that had the hallwood all the time

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Another Cowardly Bastard

Re: Welcome Feel Free to tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Church & Boarding Academy

August 14 2010, 4:42 PM 

I am on facebook pleaqse add me Tami Mackey

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I was there in 2001

November 25 2015, 4:54 PM 

This is the first time I have ever been able to look up anything related to mountain park. It was a nightmare I live for many years after. When I came home I didn't even talk to anyone. I felt confused and brainwashed. Thank you for writing your experience.

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Re: Welcome Feel Free to tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Church & Boarding Academy

February 16 2016, 4:58 PM 

You are such a liar.

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Mike Ossovski

Praise God For a Place Like This

February 19 2004, 10:35 PM 

I'm not going to waste time and write a long note, but will say one thing. I was lost and on my way to hell when God brought me to MP. There I accepted Jesus Christ and what He has done to pay for my sin. People at MP helped me grow in Christ and loved me. Now I am serving the King Of Kings and The Lord Of Lords. Praise God! I thank God for MP.
P.S. I pray for all the boys that were there while I was there, and My God answers prayer.
Mike Ossovski Phil. 2:5

(I.P. Address
shows to be registered Pastor Jack Trieber)
Good day Mike!
P.S. I accepted Jesus Christ but I am not blind to what is actually happening at Mountain Park.

Evil is not always in plain view to the eyes. But if you view things with your heart you will see the truth that thou has placed before you.

This message has been edited by 101reasons on May 22, 2004 12:10 PM

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Mike Ossovski

Re: Praise God For a Place Like This

June 1 2004, 10:45 PM 

Don't change the message content, if you want to hear the truth!

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101 reasons

Message content was not changed

June 2 2004, 11:47 AM 

Your message content was not changed!
The message you posted is still the same words you typed.

I simply added the registered IP address. But thanks for your attempt to cloud the truth Mike? ...

I could have very easily deleted your message. Is that what you would prefer?

I certainly would not, I would like for the world to see your response.

Praise God that a place like this closed.

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Another Cowardly Bastard

Re: Message content was not changed

November 5 2009, 10:46 PM 

Hi 101 reasons, i was curious if u were the 'owner' or whatnot of this forum? and if so, could you help me?

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This school saved my daughter!

September 12 2004, 4:55 AM 

I have only praise for this school. Although, I can't say I agree a 100% on everything they did but overall, my husband and me are eternally grateful for what they did to our daughter in two years, what we couldn't do for many years. Our daughter also agrees and she has a written testimony for Papa Wills. It was such a relief to know that there was such a school out there to save my daughter! I feel sorry for the other parents now, where can they send their diliquent kids to get a change of heart? We were very lucky indeed! Then... My daughter was high on drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd, failing grades, bad manners, rebellious, bad relationship with a manipulative boyfriend, throwing tantrums, threatened time and time again to run away. Not to mention disrespectful and always asking for money as though we owned the banks! Now...It's now 4 months since she left that school. Today, she is a wonderful person who has a vision for the future, in college, no more doing drugs, respectful, holds a job, feels bad in asking for any money, has pride to pay for her way but is grateful for parents' help. Also has manners, in no hurry to have a boyfriend. Above all, this is a shocker : she believes in God and Lord Jesus Christ. She even converted us to go to her church. Tell me honestly, where in the US is there such a school system that can impact such a dramatic change of heart in it's students? Certainly not our public school where drugs are freely available, sexual activity is rampant but not mentioned, ... the list is too long to mention here. Also, glad to add that there was another student in the same school from our town and she's also doing great and is also giving good testimony.
Grateful parent, Ann....

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clanging symbols


September 15 2004, 2:17 AM 

Ann, I'm sorry, but you are ignorant to a few things. First, God's sovereignty. He predestined to save your daughter before, well, before before was even an idea if you know what I mean. His omniscience means he is well aware of all options open to our choice, and his grace to work His goodness even through our mistakes. In this case, your possible mistake in parenting (requiring someone else to do a job God granted you the responsibility to do), praise God, not Mtn. Park. He can save people in concentration camps--does this mean we are glad for them.
Secondly, you are ignorant to the methods, not just things that happened here and there. I'm talking about everyday life routines and abuses that exploited youth with scare/beat the hell out of them tactics.
So, please, for the sake of the scores of us who bear in our bodies and hearts (will futrelle, Jason and Micah Holland, Nate Elmer, Matt Larson, Joe yipsulante, Ted, Habermel, Dan D, Ayodele Boson Dawson, Dave Townsend, Tony Colon, Mike Stein, John Dirmingin, Andy, Sam Alexander, Southard, Kevin Young, James Cesco, Mark Gullet, Jim Gerst, Wayland B.,John Kanady, Mike Karuso,Mark Moodie, Clint Evers,Cory Preston, Tim, Taylor Haynes, Matt Achan, Zach Rhyne, Jeremy Sauceda, Brett Wills, Gary Reeves, Gary Anderson, Heath Spencer, Heath Hamm, kid with the F...the world tattoo, Brian Bertrand, Mike Pardos, Logan, and the rest of the brotherhood--I take with me the memories we have in fighting, crying, laughing, and singing--we endured a test, and we are stronger for it. You guys are what helps me move on. If we don't forgive them, it will kill us, and they win! Don't sacrifice our youth, our futures, families, on the altar of the past--I love you guys).
And Ann, please don't make incorrect correlations when you are ignorant of both variables. Thank you, the management.

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The Boyz

January 8 2005, 2:40 PM 

Seeing the list of all the MP Boyz took me way back, All of these guys were so special and in a way seemed like my brothers, Even though we never talked but we all were connected. All of you are in my heart& I think of everybody so often.
Carey Dillard Bender

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