Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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July 28 2004 at 2:04 AM

hey just want to say praise the lord mountain park is SHUT DOWN i meen those people are nuts abusing people like that there sick in the head and you no whats funny i remember when sam gerhadrt came to the the boys dorm after everybody got back from police station i remember his exact words he said this is just a bump in the road will get the through it. some good words but there shut down and that aint no bump in the road LOL and also i remmeber boe gerhardt telling me he whisperd to my ear your a liar and god will judge you for that well i got something to say to him too am the one getting SUED NO i am NOT am I the one beating up kids No i am not am the one having to pay 20 thousands dollars to jordan no i am NOT am the one getting multiple lawsuits against me for beating people NO I AM NOT am i the one who fornicated at crown college no I Am NOT and GOD will judge you FOR THAT ! i rest my case thank you

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Re: Untitled

September 12 2004, 10:21 PM 

Unless you know all the details about my friend Bo, then you just need to shut up - You might not have done some of the things he had done - but you must have obviously done something awful to be sent to Mountain Park. So I wouldnt be so quick to judge anyone. After all - Bo was placed over you for a reason by whoever sent you to MPBA because obviously they didnt know what to do with you.

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Bo Gerhardt

September 12 2007, 12:33 PM 

You don't even have the balls to tell us who you are. If you're gonna defend someone, don't be afraid to post your name, at least.
Bo was the biggest asshole I have ever met, short of his father.
He was a pompous arrogant prick.
He punched me when I was at MP, he fought boys all the time. Bo split Alex Nowel's head open by pile driving him on the creek bed when they were wrestling. He was abusive. He thought he was above the law, above the rules, and that he could do anything he wanted. Which is why he was caught messing around at college. He didn't think he had to follow the rules there either. Just like lying in the court room. He didn't think he had to follow the rules. He's a liar, and a poor example of any person who claims to be living for God.
In fact, I'm sure if any of us were acting as he, his daddy would say that we need saved.

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We will never fully recover from the brain washing.

January 18 2008, 3:25 AM 

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Aimee Veith


January 30 2008, 3:41 AM 

You are right. We will never be able to recover. I live it everyday. I think about it when i wake up and go to bed. I have nightmares about waking up at that place. I realize now I jsut wish I would have said and done a lot of things different at that place. They are a bunch of fake freaks.

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October 17 2008, 6:12 PM 

AIMEE! It's Rob Frisen, get in touch w me woman!

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April 16 2009, 6:43 PM 

Just think that maybe none of us should be judging. I think it's okay to stand up for others but judging isn't necessary

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May 13 2010, 2:46 PM 

Not sure about all the things people are saying, just wondering if this place was a joke......Well Sam I have to say you have made some killers , don't really even fault you bro. I mean HOOAH! go Army right , Be all you can b.... Now that I have been over to the box , I kinda wonder how you would stand up over here. And if you would be part of the team? I know this might seem crazy,if nothing else that is what you wanted from us at the "Park". To be "Brothers in Christ". Well, let me tell you something. When it counts you better be brothers in something. or you gonna die! I have gave a lot of thought about you guy's and all of the things that went on there 14 yrs ago, it seems like yesterday!

I will not judge you for that death, even though you should have seen that coming.That was on your watch, YOU WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH THAT! But cheer are not the only one! I know I was just a boy back then, but I was never the same after the "park". O and BTW I do not regret what I did to that dude , when he spit in my face, care less if Jesus would have or not, .. let someone spit in His face and see what happens. You see that anger is what has gotten me threw some tough times Sam, tough times!Some times you just need to stop praying and start fighting. Something that seems to be a trend with your way of teaching back then! We were boys , when we left we were men, OR ON OUR WAY . Not to say that things were not messed up in there,but that is water under the bridge.
I hope that you and your family are well. and that you are safe. \

Well I am Oscar Mike, see ya on the other side Brother Sam.
Jason Maddox

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I was at that hell hole bitch!!

November 21 2010, 5:59 PM 

you're a fuckin dumbie. Bitch before u open up your dick sucker u need to know what the fuck you're talkin about. I want to slap the dog shit out of you. you have no idea what went on if you never wwas a student there. I'll spit on you and Bo and his mom and dad and the Wills! Next time you want to write something know what the fuck you talkin about stupid!! And if you got sit else to say you cann call me directly 404 437-8364.

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dan fuck8n earley

you call staff friends your names on a bullet

April 9 2015, 2:08 PM 

No one needs details about bo gerhardt and yes i can spell but i am just waken upnsoni hope i got it wrong on purpose out of disrespect for him but for those of you who praise the staff there or say stupid shit about you dont know my friend bo so watch your mouth ill mae it clear bo his father or mothet any gerhardt or wills crosses my path and i will show the world what violence can get done

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chris staples

what happened!!!!!!!!!!

December 19 2005, 12:10 AM 

hey what happened there. i was there in 98',99'. write me back and tell me or email me.?????????????????????????????????????????

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Grant Kingery

i was there 98,99

March 5 2011, 7:39 PM 

i don't remember you now , but i must know you. i was a team leader and orientation guide.

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You reap what you sow, right?

January 2 2006, 10:07 AM 

I just want to write a few words about what I think about MP and Palm Lane. From the time I arrived at MP, I worked hard to do everything I needed to do. I even learned a few things, though eventually I realized that all I was learning was to take orders from a group of people who are just the reason why this country is the way it is. It's amazing how brainwashed I was by the time I left. I would have never thought that I could ever have been manipulated the way Sam Gerhardt, Aaron Smith. I'm sorry that name in particular just started a fire and I think I'm going to call him out. That guy, I don't know where he came from but I have not, to this day, ever met a person as cruel and vile as this man. Aaron Smith is a big reason I feel this way. I worked long days and nights. When I arrived at Palm Lane I actually thought this was an opportunity to help others. When Bro. Warren got ran out by Smith and Kennedys, it was open season for these monsters. They raised terrors among all of us. Turning Palm Lane into a concentration camp. At this point I decided to do everything in my ability to do right everything they said. However, I was treated like I was hopeless and will never be able to do right. That's ridiculous. No one should ever feel that way, NEVER. I did so much work for these dictators. They are probably living the life now with all the money they saved up over the years. It's amazing what people do to manipulate others for money. I hope this organization of thieves can one day recieve judgement for what they have done and see every person they have manipulated. It feels great to write this down finally. Another thing, I will write a few things about each idiot:

Sam Gerhardt* You're a joke. You're singing sucks. You're a shame to yourself!!!!

Bo Gerhardt* You walk around like a homosexual.

Aaron Smith* Hitler Smith....

Robert Kennedy* You're wife is a cruel women and it rubbed off on you.

Wills* I never enjoyed the boating trips. I worked very hard as a slave for you and what do I get (300 dollars a month). That's how much you spent on your boating trip alone. That is unacceptable.

And hear are my closing words. No matter what they made everyone believe that they were these people are terrorist and they used God to profit from us.

Much Love,

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Dustin Hoffman

Re: You reap what you sow, right?

October 22 2017, 3:09 PM 

Spot on with your words. Aaron Smith was a cruel evil person and I hated him to the Core. All a bunch of hypocritical Liars they are!

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Another Cowardly Bastard

Re: Untitled

August 14 2010, 4:40 PM 


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David Castro

This is Amazing!

February 21 2012, 6:52 PM 

If only I had video of all of you at Mountain Park. How many times you stood up and said how God changed your life. Your testimonies would always start with what you were like prior, and how you would probally be dead if not for being sent to Mountain Park. It is however so obvious how most of you never realy changed. You played a game during your time there, and thats why it was so hard on you. You may look back and see a year or so of your life that you will never get over, but it was a year you were alive. You place blame on the staff for the guy died, but it wasnt the staff who killed him. It was someone just like you, a narsistic imature kid, who thought he was above the law. Why dont you do some research, find out what hole he is sitting in, and go talk to him. I'll bet he would do anything to be back at Mountain Park right now.
The point is Mountain Park didnt come out and kidnap you. You were taken there by or because of your parents. So if you have any one to blame its your parents. Blame them for not teaching you disipline earlier in life.
As for me, I can to this day say that Mountain Park saved My life. I spent enough time there to mature and learn that my actions have consequences. It allowed me to finish high school. The discipline I learned helped to quickly advance my position in the Army, becoming a Warrent Officer in less than two years from my enlistment date. This all has led to acomplishing my childhood dreams of becoming pilot. Although all of those things are great, the most important thing that Mountain Park did was to teach a guy named Rob how to lead someone to Christ. If not for that everything else was in vain.

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Tj johnson

Feel sorry for your poor ignorant soul

February 2 2016, 5:42 PM 

David castro, I think it's a shame to give the credit to those idiots. Its a dann shame. It really disturbs me that they let people as stupid as you in the military. You know it took me a while to learn a few lessons in life but I know I am a hell of a lot more genuine than you. Have you seen how many people (staff) said it was messed up.if you really want to open your eyes read the contract they made our parents sign they brainwashed everybody involved to advance their own cause not carry on God will. Why don't you do the world and your brothers in arms a favor and lay on a grenade thanks.

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