Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Palm lane

November 10 2004 at 10:44 PM

I was there in march 2001 to may 2002. I was a student there for 15months. i cant say i never sall physical abuse but I did see them make girls run until they were being just because of lines (you know they give out a lot of lines there that do no good.) My first week i wrote about 2000 lines for not saying yes ma. But here is my story i was almost 15 when i went in to palm lane it was late at night and one of the reason i went was because my mom is blind and counld not handle me. I sall girls get hit by other girls. they made us rake until are hands were bloody. Until mrs obrient got there all we did was work. Heres my story of my bad time there . My mom told me see was going to find a school were i could have a car and do what i wanted a girl heard her on the phone and went a told staff. mrs. smith told my mom that she had to call me and tell me i was a devil child that she would not see me for a month extra and would not. i found the letter that sam G wrote to my mom that with in 24 hours he would kick me on the streets with nothing if she didnt tell me what they wanted her to so b/c she is blind and no one could pick me up. From there i sat for 7 more months when she brought me home. I found the perfect husband got married have a baby 1 year and living my life. i dont dress the way they want me to or listen the music they wanted me to but i am more happy now than what i ever was.
They never abused me but i cant say the same for brain washing. i have nightmares about them taking my daughter away and looking me up i also ask my self if i have ever had been there.

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What in the World?

November 19 2004, 5:10 PM 

What in the World are you talking about?

I was at MPBA for three and a half years and it is impossible that if evil went on there that I never would have seen it. First of all, there was a "no touch" policy. Girls weren't allowed to hit each other. Swats were given as a last resort, and in the 3 1/2 years I was there and with the nearly 50 new students I had on orientation,I only observed it ONCE, and itwas not administered by a student. I could've gone home after one year, but I chose to stay because I loved it there and knew that I was getting the best education I could. I graduated salutatorian, and my ACT's were above average. When I left, I missed everyone so much. I now am married with two children. I don't have nightmares, no "withdrawl" issues or anything like that. I am happy, thankful, and I have better things to do with my time than place blame on those who helped me for the failures in my life. To all those out there who are speaking these blatant lies--At least learn how to spell and write correctly so you don't sound like complete idiots. You give yourselves away with your profound display of ignorance. Please realize how much you are hurting these good people and that you are not only lying to the world, but to yourselves. Take up a new crusade--one that is actually based in fact.

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Mary Burwell

Whoever wrote that reply needs to shut up

December 15 2004, 11:38 PM 

I don't know who this J person is but everyone had a totally different experience at MP- Don't you remember them saying that the only thing at MP that stays the same is everything always changes. I was a MP a year, went home a year, went to Palm lane a few months, and then back to MP. When I was at Palm lane with the Warrens Mrs. Warren made some girls drag a new girl across the ground for a good 90 feet because the girl didn't want to run anymore because she was too tired from the other exercises and running, after they finished dragging her they dumped a huge chest of ice and water on her head. I feel bad for the girls who were made to do this to her as well as for her. If we tried to refuse the staffs orders we would get in trouble- they were "always right"- no dispute. If Mp changed your life so much then why are you so judgemental and critical of other people. Making fun of someone else just makes you look mean.

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Carlie Bromley

i remember that

January 8 2005, 8:45 PM 

I remember when that happened the girls name was Soojin, That happened the second or third day i was there, Megan Richter was my guide and i remember her telling me, well you can't notice that. It is so strange how many memories have been repressed.

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December 22 2005, 8:32 PM 

First off, even though my heart is punding with feelings of anger right now from reading all the posts aimed at me, I must say that I in no way, shape, or form meant to say that I was a wonderful person. I am not perfect, or even close! The only reason I got to be salutatorian was because I worked my butt off. You are right, I was never at Palm Lane. And yes, I have heard about the Warrens and what they allegedly did to the girl on the field. But, they were fired, you know.

And, I am not a bitch. Looking back I think I tried my best to really love all my girls on orientation, and never took them to workers like Mary Landsdowne. Eek!

I honestly don't know what everyone is talking about when referring to some of these things they say happened. What's done is done, and I don't mean to say that I agree with everything that happened, I just remember what I remember!

And one more thing...I did not have my nose up anyone's ass. I was too busy with other things, like school, new students, chores, and acting like a goof most of the time. I probably got just as much correction as anyone else over the course of my nearly four years.

I apologize if I came off as a goody-goody. I am sorry I have made some of you so angry. That was not my intent.

Take Care

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Re: Hindsight

March 31 2007, 2:53 AM 

Does this sentence mean ANYTHING to ANYONE? "DEAD STUDENT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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January 17 2005, 11:11 PM 


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June 28 2006, 2:50 AM 

My name is Lindsey and i was a student at Palm Lane Baptist Boarding Academy for atleast two years. All these incidents that you are saying of the things that didnt happen are true i remember talking to soojin about all of this she was once my orentation guide but we eneded up getting separated because they thought that we were up to something. But i remember all the girls that came through that place that got held down buy other students and were treated horribly. There was incident that i recall a girl names katie came in there she wasa held down four to six times daily she had bruises and welts all over her. one morning she wouldnt get out of bed so they poured a huge bucket of water on her and tipped the side of her bed over while she was on the top bunk and let her fal on the floor it was crucial and thats not even half the things that went on there. it was a living nighmare.

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MP student


January 27 2005, 3:01 AM 

whoever it was that replied to that first entry DOES in fact need to shut the hell up... The reason you didnt experience some of the things other people did is because you were probably the Wills' and Gerhardts' pets.....You probably had your nose shoved so far up their asses that they made you salutatorian or whatever so you would get it out. Just because you were oh so perfect in their eyes doesnt mean that they didnt treat others who might have had a little more trouble adapting to inhumanity, differently. Im really glad I dont know who you are because I would probably hunt your ass down just for being a stuck up 4.0 salutatorian. And just because you smart ass can spell (You probably acquired it when your nose was up Debby Gerhardts ass), doesnt mean you need to criticize others so just shut the fuck up bithch!!!!!!

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November 23 2008, 10:39 PM 

well j
lemme tell you something...if you can't read, the title of this was about palm lane..not mp..i was there, this girl wasn't making this up. they beat, ridiculed, drugged and did numerous things. These people are in here trying to get closure and let things off their chest. by listening to you talk i can already tell that you were the guide that everyone feared being around that couldn't wait to run and tattle and abuse other girls to get extra privilleges.Then you became a staff member and continued to torture girls, and for some sedistic reason, you enjoyed it. Your one of them. you're part of the problem, the reason that we all have nightmares and now need therapy, and medication. You and those greedy pieces of shit that worked there. I hope your proud of yourself.

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Re: Palm lane

January 16 2005, 11:54 PM 

Hope, I remember you and I agree with how you feel. Im sure you remember me too. I'm glad that your doing good-and for whoever this J person is -obviously your the one thats not toO bright because Mt. Park and Palm Lane are closed down now because of all the people that feel like Hope does. They couldnt have been too great or else they would still be open now wouldnt they?!

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Re: Palm lane

January 17 2005, 11:05 PM 

What Ashely is this

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I know who J is

January 28 2005, 9:48 PM 

Ok lets get this straight. I know who J was. She was actually one of the most compassionate girls at MP. She was a strong Christian Leader who you could go to for anything. Everyone has a different idea of what these schools were about but, we should not be arguing with eachother about it. This is the past. We need to get on with our lives. It was fun at sometimes and sucked in others. I know some of you had been through alot but it is something to learn from. It hurt you but now you are stronger from it. Lets just try to continue. LOVE,PEACE,AND FLOWERS! AMBER HAMZEY

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February 27 2005, 6:16 AM 

I just wanted to say hi to everyone that was at Palm Lane when I was there from July 2001 to May 2002, especially Hope. I don't know if you remember me, but I had a sister name Wendy there as well. I am very happy for you that you are married and have a family of your own. SAME HERE!! Email when you get the chance so we could catch up on old times.

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Re: Hello

June 28 2006, 2:52 AM 

hey i dont know if you remember me its lindsey laudon i watched you graduste and i remember your sister wendy just wanted to say hello

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Daniel Brinegar

Hello Lindsey!

January 18 2007, 9:44 PM 

I saw you on "tell the truth about Mt. Park" and just wanted to say Hello. If you want to see how I'm doing you can read my response on this site to "been a long time" by loren and e_mail me at

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Daniel Brinegar

Hello Hannah!

January 18 2007, 9:40 PM 

I saw you on "tell the truth about Mt. Park and just thought I'd drop you a note. I remember you at Palm Lane and I hope you are doing well.
If you want to see how I'm doing, read my response to "been a long time" by loren and drop me an e_mail at
Living for Jesus,
Daniel Brinegar
Phil 1:20,21

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Anna (Taylor) Lucas

palm lane

February 22 2006, 2:34 AM 

okay first , this no touch policy is bullshit,i can think of several students who were just as abusive at palm lane as the adults , it got worse after the warrens left (hated them while they were there but Mrs gerheart made u miss them) Palm lane was horrible , people that came down from mp would say that it was worse at palm lane because of the smaller group. They had more time to be harder on you. I was there in 2000 for about 6 months and my mom relized something was going on very wrong and pulled me out but i think she is justified in feeling this way though it has not ruined my entire life because i did not head there advise i went along forgeting pl it may have ruined hers!

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hey Anna

February 22 2006, 3:41 AM 

Hey i remember you... i was there at the same time... how are you? Hope all is well email me sometime

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February 23 2006, 4:34 PM 

hey carlie , yeah i added you to my myspace page ! Im good , married , 1 child , i saw u had a baby too , my son is 18 months how old is your daughter? email me or post a message on my myspace page k ttyl bye anna

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