Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Re: carlie

April 23 2007, 12:12 AM 

Hi ya'll. I was at PL for almost 2 years and have good and bad things to say. I was there when the O'briants were in charge and they were really nice, but I heard it was really scary before they came along. Mrs. Kannedy, on th other hand, really scared me alot. Sometimes she was really nice and other times she was super mean.

About the "no touch" policy. Yeah, that existed, but that was all out the window whenever someone "misbehaved". One girl, I can't remember her name, just that she was Armenian, came in and didn't want to say "yes ma'am", so they held her down on the floor pretty much all day because of it. She also used to have sesures and the staff used to make fun of her for is and say she was faking. I felt really sorry for her ;_;

Also, they made us run a mile every week day. At first they had us run in the middle of the day, but when summer came, they made us wake up at 5 in the morning and run! I really hated that!

However, since Mrs. O'briant was there, she found out that running too much can harm a woman's reproductive organs, so she let us walk the mile from then on.

So, yes, they did alot of really uncalled for stuff there, but I do believe the O'Briants were really kind people and that they did alot to make PL better than it used to be.

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Re: carlie

September 4 2008, 4:32 AM 

This was posted a while ago, but the Armanian girl was Ashley Nikosyan's Cousin, I can't remember her name though. She was only there a short while. Hello to everyone.

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I was in arcadia fl

October 18 2017, 10:45 PM 

I was there when I was 17 that place is a scam and it made me sick such mental abuse brainwashing made to run I had asthma so it's hard to breathe down there totally embarrassed me as they had me running but wouldn't let me go to the bathroom I urinated on myself they laughed I ran away from them I got pinned and had dirt and fire ants thrown in my face by a single student ugly dresses because of my ugliness put a cup in my mouth to keep me from talking you don't memorize the verses you're stuck in the Bible all day no school and my Mom stole $40,000 from my dad just to put me in there

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