Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Mixed Emotions

January 5 2005 at 7:44 AM
Sarah Cagle 

In past entries, I've written nothing but bad about MP. Well, I have some mixed emotions about it. since i left Mp, the only thing I could think about was all the horrible things that happened to me along with my sisters at Mp.there are still things that I hate that haunt me to this day.....the humiliation.....Well, that is really the only thing I can think about. Humility was a huge part of MP life. for what reason Im not really sure, but that is how it was....I still have nightmares involving the emotionally bashing situations that not only i, but everyone else was put thru.......However, there is another, brighter side to Mp......justine Rhyne made that clear to me in her last entry.....the whole experience of Mp and the staff there were different from what we all endured together....remember all the movie nights, the dieter popcorn, the nights of laughing and giggling, getting into trouble for it but not really caring, even the times every girl got into trouble and we all had to write lines??? these were all somewhat good times that we all shared together. It wasnt Mp, it wasnt the mean workers, it wasnt about the favoritism that was often played.....It was about us all being a family and eventually reaching the one destination that i hope and pray for each and every girl at MP..........SALVATION.......It doesnt matter if you live the perfect life, or are into drugs, or you pray at every meal or every five minutes, or even read your Bible every day.....It was and still is all about JESUS and sharing the gift of salvation. Despite the good, the bad, that was what Mountain Park was based on.......That wasnt always what was preached. There were times when they tried hammering into our heads that if we do drugs we're gonna go to Hell.....But like I said, thats not the point......The whole point and purpose was as the Bible........The gift of salvation..... Once we are saved and confess our sins, what we do afterwards is still forgiven no matter what.....These are not the words of a preacher or a MP worker.....They are the words and promise of God and the Bible....So, I guess my point is that we all went through alot at MP emotionally, physically and mentally but if we live in the past, we will never move forward and it will continuously bother us daily for the rest of our lives...that isnt what God wants us to do. Lets not hold judgment for what others did. Lets let go and let God.
Love always,
Sarah Cagle

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Mary Burwell


January 5 2005, 12:14 PM 

hey Sarah,
I will pray for you. There is a really cool website I found you might like called the Jesus Christ Forums. We have discussions about the Bible and spiritual matters. It's fun.

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