Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Mixed Emotions

January 14 2005 at 2:09 AM
Rachael Adams 

Hi! I'm Rachael Adams I attended MPBBA from the Summer of 2003 to December of 2004.I just found out last night about the closing of both ministries and I do have to say it did come as quite a shock and another part of me knew it was going to happen sooner or latter.I guees I do have alot of mixed emotions about MP closing down.I personally believe there were alot of pro's and con's to being there.Before I went to MP my life was is total ruin and I was on a one way road towards destroying not only myself but those who I loved and cared for the most as well.I was totally out of controll,I was lying,cheating,stealing,drinking,and smoking (the whole bit basically with a few small exceptions.)At first I was like the vast majority of the kids/teens that go there "hated the place with all that I am" but after awhile came to a realiztion that it was for the best and that if I hadnt been there I would of probably ended up dead or in some mental institution.I think the hardest lesson I learned while I was there was not realizing all that you have until its all srtipped from you and to be greatful for all the blessings that God blesses us with.I had accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior before I went to MP (at the age of 11) but after a long period of time became very calus,cold,bitter,and clouded with hatred and rage.I believe God used the staff and students there to help me get back on track and where I need to be in my walk with God and I also believe it changed me as person in whole.Although there was alot of good about attending there I also believe there was alot of negative as well.I think if we are all honest with oursleves we would all know that we needed needed some strict disciplanary action in which we lacked but not in the way that they chose to do so.I believe we as christians should lift one another up and be encougaging to one another as well as confronting eachother when need be as well as allowing ourselves to be sensitive to when God is conviting us.We also need to reach those that are lost in a loving and compassionate manner.I dont think MP did alot of that in which wasnt right of them to do.Instead I think they tried to force there way of believeing upon peolpe and look down upon those who choose not to do so.I think they also degraded alot of people to by the way staff (and students alike) interacted with one another and caused alot of anger and hurt by doing so.I could go on and on and list a whole bunch of other things I also disagreed with but am choosing not to do so,I think its pretty apparent as to what myself and others disgreed with them about.As far as all the reasoning behind why MP and Palm Lane were closed I hope it is all fact and not a bunch of fabrications.We need minstries to reach teens that are here out in the world that need help.I've read some of the other comments have people have made on this site/forum and I would encourage the people that have told others that they are ignorant do to believing that MP or PL saved them,helped them out,or other positive comments that they have made in regard to both or either ministries to really search themeselves.All though it is true that God does the saving he uses us as his tools to help bring the truth to those that are lost in hopes and belief that they may be saved.I dont mean to come off in the wrong way or sound if im some hollier than thou person,because im not.I will speak what is in my heart and what I know to be true and I am a person that stands firm and stays true to there convictions.

If anyone has any questions or comments you can email me as well at:

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Rachael Adams

Whoops am I bad

January 14 2005, 4:46 AM 

Sorry,just realized Sarah and I have the same forum/message board title.Didnt mean to play coppy cat ^_^.

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Mary Burwell

Re: Whoops am I bad

January 14 2005, 9:19 PM 

I got back in school and I'm adjusting to life better now and I'm not feeling so angry about MP anymore. Things are going great for me now. My roomates are all three Christians and we talk about God and spiritual things. I joined the Gospel choir with my college and think I will enjoy that - my room mate is in it ,too. Really MP was alot of fun to me since all the preaching and reading the Bible there's quite a few other people at my school- mainly guys who like to quote the Bible like me. I think being able to quote the Bible is good for people who like to write music. I mean one of my friends I met writes rap music and he likes quoting the Bible and it helps him lyrically because the Bible is kind of like a bunch of song lyrics.
Anyway, MP was a pretty fun place after I got over the relationships I had lost but I've talked to everyone I used to know since being at MP and I think learning so much about the Bible and Jesus' reason for dying for us I'm a better adjusted person so it has probably strengthened some of my friendships with people I thought I would never see again but God brought us back together- Isn't it crazy how you can go somewhere and see someone you haven't seen in years and it is like a miracle of God or something it seems like, because I know its a small world but it isn't that small, God must have a hand in all this realtionship stuff.
Now that I'm happy I'm living by faith and loving it.

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