Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Palm Lane

March 12 2008 at 3:20 PM
Megan S 

I went to palm lane for about a year before they closed the doors (thank God). I'm not denying the fact that my parents needed to do something with me because i was a 14 year old cocaine addict. However, Palm lane had NOTHING to do with my recovery. When I came home, I did the same thing. I canged for myself, because i wanted to be a better person. Not because some bitch wearing kulots told me i had too. Im sure this place STARTED out with good intentions, but then turned into something greed drivin. Does anybody even have a clue how much the Will's are worth?? MILLIONS. They drive very expensive cars, have multiple homes, boats, and even an AIRPLANE (untill bob got sick and they sold it). These are things that average people can not afford, the tuition alone caused my parents to struggle to support my two other brothers at home. While I was there, I will agree with anybody who says that these places used mental torture, brainwashing, and physical abuse to control students. Honestly i dont belive these people were christians or baptists or whatever they proffesed to be. My mother is a devout baptist and wears blue jeans. Listens to music she likes and has the occasional glass of wine. None of these things mean she isn't christian. I honestly would say that what the Wills were trying to create was a cult. I've read books and articles on the occult and the similarities are ASTONISHING. While i was there students were forced to work and rake untill their hands blistered and bled, we were beaten, punishments were held off untill they could me administered PUBLICLY so everyone could see. outside communication was cut off and for all of you that think this was such a wonderful place obviously need an american government course. Take a look at the constitution. I can't even begin to count the number of rights we had violated, Including the first amendment....FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
When i first arrived there i was also taken of drugs i was taking for depression that were PERSCRIBED TO ME and if any of you know anything about those, its EXTREMLY dangerous to cut off these medications and can cause mental problems. Patients need to be weened off these drugs, not cut off. If you dont belive me, ask your doctor. I have a lot of hatred towards the O'briants and the kennedy's. They accused me of cheating numerous times, and humiliated me every chance they got because i wouldn't "come to God". I dont know what god they worship but its not the one i do. I was also having feminine problems that were causing a lot of pain that mrs obriant refused to take me to the doctor for and when i got home the dr found that i had multiple scysts on my ovaries that were bursting which was what was causing the pain...isn't that called neglect? I was physically abused there many times, made to work when i was in extreme amounts of pain from these ovarian scyts and ridiculed when i couldn't even stand because the pain was so severe. That fat bitch mrs obriant even went so far as to have girls hold me down and cut my hair as a punishment. Any of you that are girls know how important a girls hair is to them.
I can't even begin to explain to you the amount of brainwashing that went on there. These poor girls actually belived blue jeans were wicked and they'd go to hell if they wore them (which is the exact words bro obriant used). they tried to back it with scripture wich said women aren't to dress like men. This obviously means dont cross dress, like drag queens and things of that nature, not for women to not wear blue jeans.
I also broke out in acne realy badly when i was there from all the stress, and dont think for a second that everyone didn't jump at the chance to point this out and tell me how discusting it was, like i didn't already know.
Anyways thanks for letting me vent. I still suffer from anxiety and have nightmares about this place regularly. I am doing good right now tho, im in school and will recieve my rn the end of next year (yay!) right after that i'll be getting married to a wonderful guy named scott. I dont take drugs anymore and im starting to love myself. The biggest struggle was loving myself when i got home, and regaining the self esteem they took from me. not to mention interacting with normal people.
If anyone needs to vent or somebody to listen i'd love to be there for you
because nobody can truly understand that wasn't there
best wishes to everyone
megan schmitt

email me

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