Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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July 10 2008 at 7:18 PM
Sarah Eppert (Stafford) 

I personally am thankful for attended Mt. Park. Before I went there my life was spiraling down hill fast. I truly believe if God did not intervene I would not be here today. The reason I went to Mt. Park was because my mom was desperate she had already sent me to the State programs and I was in Juvy at the time and was heading to a youth prison type thing, God had other plans. My mom researched Mt. Park out the best she could, prayed and decided she wanted me to go there. The judge approved and said these words to me, "Out of all the kids I see come through my court room each year about 1 or 2 get the opportunity you have." I did not understand at the time. But now I do, I did not conform to the image of Mt. Park but I did obey authority and I had it easy because of that. MOST of the things that happened while attending there or any other school would not have happened if you just obeyed and did what you were told. What an opportunity I had there to be clean for a year, so that I had clean thinking. I was able to catch up on much needed school work (when I got there I was a Jr. in high school and actually tried on the testing and was at 3rd grad English and 5th grade math) I did not graduate from Mt. Park but I did graduate and I was Valedictorian at my school. Only God could do that. I also was saturated with the Word of God which was able to make me see my need for a Savior. I trusted Jesus Christ while attending Mt. Park and He was the one who made a difference in my life. Many may say I was brain washed, I say praise God I'm BLOOD WASHED. One major thing I learned there is to have Christ as my example for living not people because many would rise to a position of leadership to fall face first in sin. I have had a hard time understanding why people acted one way at Mt. Park and now live a life contrary to what they lived there. My husband helped me realize many acted good and played the game to go home early. I had to stay for a year, so I didnt think if I was good I would go home. I am truely sorry for all those who do not heed the Word of God, and have lives so messed up and are scared and lonely, miserable and sad. I know many say that because the Bible was shoved down their throats they hate religion and God. How many of you as a child had vegetables and good food shoved down your throat because you wouldnt eat it by yourself they made you and because they loved you and wanted you healthy and to grow they did so. Well when the Word of God was shoved down your throat you should have swallowed I did and have a life blessed by God because I did so. I still choke on some of what God says in the Bible but by faith I trust God and swallow. I plead with all who read this to reread Gods Word and apply it to your life. I am not hear to say I am better than any one and you are wrong, we are all in the same boat sinners capable of thinking and doing anything, but this is one sinner saved by the wonderful grace of God and trying my best to serve Him and please Him in all that I say and do. Will you join me as I walk with God that you would walk with me. Any one can email me at I attended MT. Park Aug 00 to Aug 02. I hope and pray this made a difference somewhere.

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