Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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Things they said to you at Mountain Park

June 25 2012 at 2:22 AM

Hey there. I'm not a Mountain Park graduate, but I read some of the horror stories years and years ago, and they've stayed with me for a very long time. I'm currently a college student in a Fiction Writing class, and I am going to write a short story that takes place at a Mountain Park-like school. I've done a lot of research on things that happened there, but what's online is basically summary -- not really the specific details that a story needs. And there are almost no photos of the school online.

If some of you have the time, can you help me out by giving me a few details? I understand it's been a long time since the school closed, but anything will help my story seem more real.

1. Did the staff at Mountain Park speak with accents? How would you describe them?

2. What are some of the things the staff said to you? If you can get as close as possible to an actual quote, that would be great. I'm trying to get a feel for the speaking style (The reason I'm having trouble is some of the things they supposedly said sound so absurd that I'm afraid they may seem cartoonish on the page).

3. What did Mountain Park look like? Did you spend most of your time in one building, and what size was it? You don't have to be super-specific, but anything helps.

4. More specifically, where did the "powwows" take place? What did the dorm rooms look like, and how many girls were in them?

Thanks a lot!

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Things they said to us at MPBA

October 12 2014, 6:04 PM 

1) no foreign accents. There were often slightly southern Accents because this school was in Missouri but I believe many of the 'staff' (former students turned aiders and abetters of the evil families who ran the school) affected a Southern Accent because they were surrounded by it. Many of them were not from Southern States

2) What did they say to us? Any form of insult about your person, your appearance, the way you walked, looked, whether you looked at them in the eyes or not (beware! don't do it!), etc etc. Basically constant beratement, insults as to your appearance, physical condition, attitude, speech, where you looked (if you raised your eyes while walking through the dining hall, they'd jump at you and tell you you were trying to flaunt in front of the boys and catch their eye (the only place boys were present were at meals and they were on the opposite side of hall)). They'd flail you verbally if you ever mention the name of a friend or person from outside world. If you wear something too fitted. If you don't put on makeup (if you have bad skin you are expected to make yourself look better and put on makeup, etc), if you ask any questions about anything, etc. They would remind you that your parents signed your life away to the school for years and they had the power and the freedom to do what they wanted to you, etc etc. I remember these nasty nasty staff women just ripping apart girls at their leisure (making fun of fat or funny looking girls, being mean and punishing pretty girls just because they hated that no matter how badly they made them dress or do their hair that they were still beautiful)

3) One big building with a lot of long halls. Long halls led to the dorms. Long halls led through rooms and through other halls to get to school rooms. Or the bathrooms. The bathrooms had no doors so girls all had to go in front of whomever was their 'leader'. We were inside 99% of the time. We almost never saw real day light. We went out into a pool and some courtyard a few times but not often.

4) I don't know what 'pow wows' you are referring to. We were almost always around tons of other people in big rooms, or in lines in hallways. The dorm rooms had hundreds (or at least 50 per room, and they were adjoining rooms, with mirrors in the middle where girls got ready/put on makeup, did hair, etc) of beds.

you can email me at if you'd like more setting details.

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Ashley Smith

Re: Things they said to us at MPBA

February 16 2016, 6:18 PM 

You are such a liar. You were obviously never there. The dorms did NOT lead to the school rooms and were not even in the same building. Nice try! NOOB!

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Mel Guthrie


February 20 2016, 3:36 AM 

I was there 01-03 almost 04 and the dorms attached by 2 hallways to the church and school rooms. Why on earth would anyone want to lie about being there??

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mountain park was heavenly

is this a prank question

March 15 2016, 3:03 AM 

1. Yes. The accents were universally "Mississippi" accents. More specifically, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. As in ....indoctrinated, brainwashed, & conditioned by endless sermons by Lester Roloff accent.

2. Here's a quote: "Keep Kicking ladies!"

(while performing daily Navy Seals excersizes whereby one lays on a basketball court of concrete on their backs and a hundred of us are forced to raise our legs and nothing else up 12" & do small, synchronized kicks for hours, alternating between holding the position for 20 minutes, and kicking lightly, then kicking high for 20 minutes).

"Keep running ladies!"
(while performing navy-seal type non-stop field laps lasting hours, where passing out is a common occurence."

3. "Hold those arms out!"

( a technique that involves holding ones arms straight out to the sides for several hours, for reasons you wouldn't understand unless you were there."

4. It looked like a compound, bright green carpet laid on wooden floors with no carpet padding. Underground dorms with 20 or so bunk beds lined up exactly like the military, three rows. The bunks on the walls had closets like military closets. The beds along the center of the dorms didn't have closets. There was an identical dorm on the opposite side of a wall of mirrors and about 7 sinks/faucets. 2nd floor, another set of the same dorm design. Hallways on both sides of all dorms. Each hallway to the East contained a room full of showers, a room full of bathroom stalls, and a laundry room. That leads out to a main hallway which connects to the church/chapel to the left, further connecting to the school building, and if you went right from the dorms, the hallway takes you to the cafeteria. Cafeteria was 2000 sq ft, about same size as school building, offices combined with kitchen, same, church probably a little bigger than cafeteria. High ceilings in dorms/dorm hallways. High ceilings in church, cafeteria and main hallways. Low ceilings in kitchen, offices, and food storage/dishes area.

5. Dorm rooms seemed to have about 20-25 girls each side of the mirrors, so if one dorm was the ground floor, approx 40-50 girls x 2 dorms. 100. May have been a third dorm. Does anyone remember there being more than two main girls dorms?

Pow wows in the church/chapel. They only occurred when enough time had elapsed for changes to be addressed. They weren't routine, often a priority when Mrs. Wills got into town. A pow wow is meant to scare people, because they're like speeding tickets. Eventually everyone gets in trouble no matter who they are, just depends on when they "choose" you out of the crowd to "cross-examine". You could be publicly cross-examined for being too mysterious and quiet. Or even rewarded for that very thing. You never know. Issuing rewards or punishment sentences are more dramatic and impacting when done publicly.

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Re: is this a prank question

March 15 2016, 3:17 AM 

None of this is even CLOSE to fact. People lie because they are attention whores, duh

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