Tell the truth about Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy aka bible believer's church of Dandridge, tn. May God have Mercy on your souls I SHALL NOT.


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February 16 2016 at 4:28 PM

I was at Mountain Park for 3 years. In general, you were there because it was the last resort for you, because the state was going to lock you up for a LONG TIME because you were: degenerate, a slut, an idiot, on the road to destruction, and if you had any problems there it was because you were so STUPID as to think you would "escape" or some bull crap. You were lucky not to be in juvenile eating pussy all day, yes YOU, Justine Rhine (there for a few months ONLY before your parents pussied out), Summer, that showed up in a bikini, Shannon W, Lacy P., etc. etc, stop whining, you were lucky.

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mountain park was heavenly

speak for yourself

March 15 2016, 3:20 AM 

But if you were there, chances are your language style wouldn't be anything remotely trashy as this post of yours.
They would have taught you at least some decent manners. Mountain Park is an underground behavior modification school for those who would like to brainwash & clean-sweep a student's memory, thought patterns, & personality. It could be useful for parents who have a spoiled, rebellious child, which was the most common case. A majority of the students I met were nothing like what you speak of. A handful were kicking & screaming. But the other half seemed to be already disassociating that they had been dealt an unconventional maneuver, as if the school serves a purpose in augmenting memory, likely the case where a student's memory exists as a threat to someone back home. This is just a thought, in case any former students can recall a similar back-story. Some if not many of them had one or more Independent Fundamental Baptist KJV men in their families/extended families. This is underground, like a network. I imagine if your family is that religiously deluded, they would see resistance to this indoctrination as a viable solution to their child's lack of uniformity with the family's standards. They might see it as a threat to their very "religion" if their child is not broken & brainwashed into their own religion. But I do agree, a handful of them, had some interesting and weird back-stories of dangerous lifestyles, but mostly the girls coming from the west coast.

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