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Ref 3500 Classique

September 25 2005 at 3:06 PM

Richard M, NYC  (Login pc01)

Response to Classique

A few comments on the Ref 3500 Classique model. Source: Breguet Boutique, NYC

3500BA 11 286. 3500 is the Model number; BA = yellow gold; the first 1 = silver on 18K gold dial; second 1 = no second hand; 2 = crocodile band; 8 = 18mm at wide end of band; 6 = 16mm at narrow end of band.

Case diameter is about 32mm, has the "secret signature" on both sides of the XII.

“1762 I” is the unique serial number of the watch in the photo. According to the Breguet Boutique in NYC, serial numbers were not always sequential...the next watch was not necessarily 1793 or 1792J.

Breguet serial numbers are traditionally from 500 to 5500 with a letter following each number then start over. In the 1990’s before Swatch bought Breguet, InvestCorp was the owner and for one year they exceeded the 5500 tradition with numbers going into the 9000 range.

Gold hallmarks were not put on the outside of every watch, some have the marks on the inside of the case.

“Guilloche Main” on the face shows that the Rose machine work was hand done, not stamped.

The 3500 is Handwound, 40 hours reserve, turn the crown until resistance is felt then stop winding. From the Instruction book: Adjust time by pulling the crown out then turning the hands clockwise (turn the crown upward), then push the crown in and turn it downward to make sure the crown moves freely.

Production of Ref 3500 stopped about the year 2002? The Model was in production for several years (probably over 10 years since the same watch was in production as Model 3150 prior to 1993 when the number changed to Model 3500).

The coin edge is the “Fluted Case Band”. The 3500 was available in yellow gold and white gold.

Breguet designation of the movement was Calibre 503 (Frederick Piguet 21), an 18 jewel movement.

Earlier examples of this model had a blue cabochon on the winder.

Richard M

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