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Yes and no...

November 11 2006 at 2:47 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to Pailonnee Leaves


just my amateurish thoughts:

Pretty much everything in a mechanical watch can be reproduced; the more "industrialized" it is, the more easy so (unless it requires some very fancy machinery or production process for certain applications or materials).
So yes, i´d guess creating Paillons will be possible to do. Certainly it won´t be that cheap, given the costs of development and limited use. And it will be very time consuming (expensive) to make them by hand.
Still it might be very hard to separate newly produce from vintage ones on a casual view, once they are embedded in the enamel layer.

On the other hand, Paillons are to be used for enamel dials.
Now enamel dial can be produced in a somewhat more industrial way, which then leads to a different appearance. For those who know the "real thing", it´s rather obvious and to make a very nice enamel dial, even a seemingly "plain" one, is still a work of art. You have to know a lot about the material and the production process, with such knowledge not to be really wide spread these days.
Making Paillonnee dials is more than working with enamel only and more comparable to cloisonnee dials; the difficulties of working with hand-made parts (of which each is a little different) of different materials (enamel, gold, the dial base) and working with all of this sum up.

Therefore i´d guess it might be well possible to produce the Paillons, but just having those won´t help and not make a dial.
Only when you know about every stage of this kind of dial making AND find someone who does have the skills to do so you will end up with a dial.
Notwithstanding the costs; such things can´t be industrialized for high-volume production and keeping in mind the costs of development prior to the first completed dial, it´s not unlikely to be a lot more expensive than these things are already.

But as said, my very amateurish view only!

Greetings from Germany,


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