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I am sure there are specialty goldsmiths currently who

November 11 2006 at 4:25 PM

michael.ting  (Login mkt32)

Response to Pailonnee Leaves

can produce gold paillons. The problems is that the ones I can find are flat gold leafs cut into different shapes and not stamped with the fine details to produce the 3 dimensional designs that are seen on the Anita's collection. I've actually looked!

The thinner and smaller the paillons the more expensive. For example 100 paillons of 23K gold all of the same design, but lesser quality, will cost about $2000 from a custom goldsmith that I know here in the states with a wait time of 3 months.... Remember that each J*D paillonnee design uses more than 1 Paillon shape.

And if a mistake is made during dial production made you cannot recover the paillons!

So yes the gold paillons can be reproduced and there are artisians who can make them today but unfortuately at high cost, lesser quality.

Best, Mike

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