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Paillonee Grande Seconde

May 28 2003 at 5:20 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to Grande Secondes model range

This technique is revived here for the first time, the enamel work with translucent effect.

The watch will be made in 3 different series, with each series a limited edition of 8 pieces only:

Dials base is solid white gold:


1) The dial is hand engraved with a sunray pattern

2) Application 2 to 3 layers of translucent blue enamel and one layer of counter-enamel on the
back of the dial. Each layer has to be baked in a oven at 820 degrees.

(Yummy! and the final version could be even better!)

3) Application of all the "paillons" (original engraved gold leaves from the 18th century)

4) Application of a layer of color enamel (red, white or yellow color over the "paillons"). The dial
goes into the oven once more.

(Gold leaves for good fortune?)

5) Application of 4 to 6 additional layers of translucent enamel layers, one after the other in the

(Baking an enamel dial, repeatedly)

6) Finishing of the dial by hand; diamond polish

7) Once again into the oven

8) The dial is baked between 9 and 11 times


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