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Singing birds - illustrations (by dollyong)

November 9 2003 at 12:37 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Response to Singing bird automatons

from a forum post by dolly ong:

The fact that it had a stack of very fine brass discs with cutouts that engaged gears at different times showed an elaborate understanding of computers, it reminded me of the punch hole computers we used in the 1979 period ( yeah I am that old).

The bladder drew in air thru the portholes at the base, you can see them!

The gear change mechanism would make any automobile collector salivate.

The birds have flapping wings and beaks open and other moving parts, you can see some of the gears exposed.

The animals actually have moving anatomy, they don't just go around.

This is NOT A MUSIC does not seem to use the rotating drum mechanism, but when the operator pushes a lever, a rod engages different cams and an actual gear change takes place, like as in a car.

Just looking at these! Manuel did mention that Jacquet Droz is currently working on some HUGE AUTOMATON project of some sort!

I know they will not dissapoint...probably be so expensive that no one will be able to afford it, sigh.

Both my husband and I admire him for pursuing his dreams and having the sheer courage to carry on making these creations!

Forgot to mention that the automaton reminds me of a secret mad scientist machine from the producers of "the wild wild west", where the contraptions just have a slick "shlick and click" sound, as the two birds on either side swiftly slide outwards as the umbrella cover opens out...and the music begins to play.


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