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Paillonnee- By JAW and MaxH

May 6 2006 at 5:58 PM

michael.ting  (Login mkt32)

Response to Dial Materials- What are they?

Paillons are the gold decoration pieces which are embedded in enamel and make the Paillonnee dial. The white, green and red decorations on the dial are also enamel.

Anita Porchet makes each dial from her rapidly diminishing stock of 18th century paillons - she uses about 175 on each dial - once they are gone...they are gone...there are no more!

On a visit to her workshop - a treasure trove, full of items of fascinating historical interest that are still in everyday use - Anita showed us her reference book of over 2000 paillons.

This technique is revived here for the first time, the enamel work with translucent effect.

The watch will be made in 3 different series, with each series a limited edition of 8 pieces only:

Dials base is solid white gold:

1) The dial is hand engraved with a sunray pattern

2) Application 2 to 3 layers of translucent blue enamel and one layer of counter-enamel on the
back of the dial. Each layer has to be baked in a oven at 820 degrees.

(Yummy! and the final version could be even better!)

3) Application of all the "paillons" (original engraved gold leaves from the 18th century)

4) Application of a layer of color enamel (red, white or yellow color over the "paillons"). The dial
goes into the oven once more.

(Gold leaves for good fortune?)

5) Application of 4 to 6 additional layers of translucent enamel layers, one after the other in the

(Baking an enamel dial, repeatedly)

6) Finishing of the dial by hand; diamond polish

7) Once again into the oven

8) The dial is baked between 9 and 11 times

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