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Female Orgasm/Moral Police need not enter!!!!

October 14 2003 at 6:13 PM
im such a phuckin ladie.....  (no login)
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What About Us?
The Female Orgasm

Tatisha Jackson

Millions of women around the world engaging in the oldest practice known to mankind are not reaching their peak. In the advanced technological world of vibrators and dildos the females are still often left by the wayside. It is a widely known fact that men come regularly while women regularly don’t. Why is there such a large disparity between the haves and have-nots in the sexual world? Most importantly, how does somebody jump onto the train headed for sexual fulfillment?

Depending on a person’s individual leanings, the reasoning for the lack of female orgasm can come from many places. Those coming from a practical point of view place the responsibility on the placement of the sexual organs. Men, whose organs are external and generally easy to access, have a better chance of reaching climax. The genitalia of women is said to not be as easy to manipulate satisfactorily because her organs extend inward. However, that is not hardly the case. Though female organs may be different from men’s, women do have the only organ on the body solely devoted to sexual excitement--the clitoris. A little bud of flesh composed of ultra sensitive nerve endings, it sits at the top of the vagina within the folds of the labia and can be stimulated with a gentle finger or tongue. Though small in size and stature, the clitoris has the advantage of providing multi-orgasmic pleasure. As a matter of fact, women are able to experience a number of different kinds of orgasms--clitoral, vaginal, g-spot orgasms, ejaculatory orgasms (remember Annie Sprinkler?)--or a combination of them all at one time.

So even with this magic button of joy, why aren’t more women getting off? I firmly believe education is the key to solving the problem. First, it helps to know that less than 35% of women have regular orgasms through intercourse, making climaxing a serious issue for the other 65%. Another problem arises through the stereotypes still perpetuated in relationships. The penchant to see women as less important than the male counterpart automatically negates the female’s sexual satisfaction as insignificant. Also, the vagina is often thought of as "dirty" and described as smelly or "fishy". Negative attributes like those encourage the stick-and-run procedure as opposed to the love-me-tender routine. It is usually hard for a woman to come without foreplay, especially nipple and clitoral stimulus. In an increasingly selfish male dominated society, women are continually asked to forgo self pleasure for the his benefit, thereby giving men the rights to minimal work and maximum reward.

It may look like a hard hill to climb to the promised land, but there are ways to beat the odds. Experts recommend that a woman first take time everyday to familiarize herself with the body. Set aside an hour or two every day to relax and explore the body’s erogenous zones, especially the vagina. This will reveal which parts are more sensitive than others. Next, eliminate all distractions, light the candles, set the music and prepare yourself for masturbation. Using vibrators and/or erotic fantasies is suggested to improve the chances of climax, but with a little practice and relaxation it should be smooth sailing. The main point of relaxation techniques before undergoing such an endeavor is to allow yourself to have the orgasm. Many women still suffer from a subconscious belief that enjoying sex is wrong, whether it be guilt from religious beliefs or sexual abuse. Giving oneself permission to orgasm can remove the pressure to perform that stifles the natural instinct to climax.

Once orgasm has been achieved through masturbation, the next step is to show off the new moves to the sex partner. Once he has learned in detail how to bring the woman to orgasm on his own, the method is then enacted during intercourse to bring about the same effect. In effect, the training of the body to orgasm at certain stimuli is a result of the education of self and the male partner about the womanly body. Finding out what eacj particular woman craves is the key to her sexual fulfillment.

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Gum Drop Fellatio
(no login)

when in doubt

October 14 2003, 6:41 PM 

When in doubt just "eat it" !
If you trust her and you are both in a monogomous relationship.

la reina
(no login)

Re: when in doubt

October 14 2003, 6:42 PM 

have u ever made a woman cum like that? very few men are skilled in putting it down correctly. i was thirty b4 i came that way. i hope u aint one of them, ah, never mind.....

(Login Cinnabon)

Good Article

October 14 2003, 6:51 PM 

I agree w/ erthing in that article. I've only had one strong "almost" orgasm myself. I'm working on that though. But its sad that so many women get used to no having orgasms and resort to "faking" it just to stroke their man's ego. They care more about their man's ego than their own satisfaction. Matter of fact I think that if more women would stop faking it they would have more orgasms. But then again, I don't fake and still don't have orgasms, lol.

Gum Drop D & the D is for Ding a Ling
(no login)

The tongue is my strongest muscle

October 14 2003, 7:06 PM 

Those of you who are shy (Blossom) stay off this thread and also those of you who go over board (Philly Fan) skip this thread.Ok now for the rest of you.
I can make a woman Cum using any 8 inch muscle I have and I only have 2 of those so its up to her to choose!
I am not fronting either.If you don\t know what 2 muscles I have that are 8 inches long dont try to guess.

la reina
(no login)

cinn, i used to feel that way

October 14 2003, 7:13 PM 

but im too dotcomm old for all that pushing n pullin and not b satisfied. i learned i had to take mine if he aint giving it up.............get aggressive girl, tell that mickey ficky what to do, when, and how. i used to b a lil bashful. but i also learned that a real man love an aggressive woman. well, aggressice in the rite space & time.

so, now im like, 'do it this way', 'no, not like that', 'touch me there', 'faster', 'slower', 'deeper', ok, u get my drift........

now, go practice

(Login Cinnabon)


October 14 2003, 7:19 PM 

I had started doing some of that "to the left/faster/slower" stuff but the relationship ended before we hit the jackpot, lol. There's a new man on the horizon that I got plans for though. wink wink

(Login chocolate3165)


October 14 2003, 7:25 PM 

I am one of the lucky females. I am multi-orgasmic, from either oral or vaginal stimulation. I am also very comfortable with myself and my sexuality. Maybe that is why I am so fortunate.


Gum Drop Lookin for Freaky afrocentric female
(no login)


October 14 2003, 7:31 PM 

why dont yall post some pictures again ..

(Login chocolate3165)

Re: hello

October 14 2003, 7:41 PM 




Gum Drop Orphan
(Login GumDropDennis)

I am serious

October 14 2003, 7:57 PM 

I am trying to make a love connection in here
Just kidding,I have a girl.

(no login)

I know i gonna get mine

October 14 2003, 8:49 PM 

But recently through the last few years i've been trying to get feed back from my partners on what they like and don't like but it seems females my age don't really know what satisfies them.So they stay silent and miss their nut.I ain;t knocking them off a second time for my benefit i'm good.i'm tryna give them the same feeling i got if not better.So i tend to have sex with older females cuz their not afraid to say what they want,and they straight reach for my gat,i love that. and when i started eating p*ssy again,all just feeling her twitching and tryna get away and then i lock my arms oh boy!But i def. think more people need to explore their bodies so they can know what they like.

la reina
(no login)

dang, so i really dont look 17?

October 14 2003, 8:58 PM 

that's y the fellas b hollaring at me like that? thanks for busting my bubble .

newho, y not help her explore/get in tune with herself, or teach her what the older females taught u.

btw- yes, i love that arm lock jawn (did i use it rite?) hehehhe.

actually, it was a older male that taught me to b more agressive...........

(Login chocolate3165)

DAYUM.......... IM AN OLDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 14 2003, 9:17 PM 

I can't believe it.

But I aint complaining cuz I am 39 and my friend is 29. Old enough to know what he is doing, and young enough to do it often.


(no login)

yeah, girl

October 14 2003, 9:21 PM 

im 32. i get lil youngins as young as 16 & 17 tryna holla. but i'on swing dat way. i know some chicas who have, i got a serious problem with that. 25 is as low as ill go and he gotta b a 25yo wif the mind of a 40 yo, which would make him my age anyway, feel me?????????

The Protype
(no login)

I'm lucky!

October 14 2003, 10:45 PM 

Ya girl Opt is multi orgasmic, and can reach the peak thru oral or p/v sex. I've only been w/ one man, my husband, and I was a virgin til last year, so I'm lucky to have found someone who can put it down so that I, at 26, know what an orgasm is. Ladies, has it ever been so good that you weep and speak in tongues? lol....I'ma testify up in here!

Rick Rude
(Login ricrude)

Re: Female Orgasm/Moral Police need not enter!!!!

October 15 2003, 3:00 PM 

I feel sorry for that 65% of women who don't get off. I wouldn't say it is easy to bring a woman to climax but it ain't that hard and the rewards are so worth it. Your mind is your biggest organ and also the most easily stimulated. With a unselfish approach to sex then any normal partner should be able to comply. I've been told that I'm rather talented but I'm not doing it for my ego. I sincerely like the way most women LOCK up when they reach that level. WTF is that? And why the hell can't men do that? When me & my girl get together it is usually 6 -1 in her favor. Nah mean?

Rick Rude

(no login)

i got the opposite problem

October 15 2003, 3:24 PM 

i've never been able to make my friend reach a climax. he says the only way he'll acheive it is through oral stimulation. and i aint ready to do that yet......................

(no login)

Well that's just me

October 15 2003, 3:32 PM 

I've always looked at older is better and not just sexually but experience in general.I think this is just me though thinking like this in my circle of friends.They'd rather get the young young bucks,but that's too easy i need a challenge.I wouldn't try to teach no young jawn nothing a old head taught me cuz more than likely i might just have a one day stand with the young jawn.I don't think that's enough time to find the ends in outs of a person.Usually when i have a old head i'm dealing with them for a nice minute.

But oh yeah the arm lock is vicious.Leaving them dazed and confused.

la reina
(no login)

Re: Well that's just me

October 15 2003, 3:38 PM 

blind, crippled, crazy, and speaking in tongues.

and yes, opt, i have had one that made me cry cause it was the bomb, the head and the 'head'!

whew, scuse me while i take a shower........

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