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October 21 2003 at 4:12 AM
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widowmaker  (Login widowmaker2000)

I'm not sure why it didn't post the first try, but here are chapters 4-6. oh well, to err is human. to realy foul things up requires a computer!

Amber had just finished putting on a clean diaper when her mother reappeared at the door to her room. "Now that you have finished cleaning up and changing, you can finish getting dressed so that we can go shopping for some things you will need. I want you to wear that dress you got for Christmas so that it will be easier for me to change your diaper when you wet or mess it. Amber wanted to object, but her mother had a look on her face that told her there was not going to be any arguments accepted on the subject.
She nodded slowly as she walked over to her closet and got out the dress her mother told her to wear. She could hear her diaper crinkling with every step she took and hoped that no one else would hear the noise and figure out that she was wearing a diaper. Her mother walked into her room a moment later with an old diaper bag in hand. "I don't want you to think I would force you to wear the same diaper all day, so I am packing you a diaper bag. I'll be able to change you if you need changing while we shop." Her mother put four extra diapers into the diaper bag before deciding it was time to go shopping.
They walked out the front door and to the car in the driveway. With every step amber took, she could hear her diaper crinkling under her dress. They pulled out into traffic a few moments later on their way to their first stop a few blocks away. They pulled into the parking lot of the drugstore where Amber had bought her diapers the day before. "Amber honey, grab the diaper bag real quick and bring it with us. I don't want to have to come back out here to grab it if you need changing." Amber reluctantly picked up the diaper bag and tried to hand it to her mother as they walked towards the entrance of the store. "You go ahead and hang onto the bag Amber, after all, they are your diapers. Now come on and lets get moving. We still have to stop at the mall yet today as well. Amber was embarrassed to have to carry a diaper bag into the store with her and knew everyone would figure out that she was wearing diapers.
Once inside the store, they proceeded straight over to the aisle where the adult diapers were. Amber's mother picked up three more bags of diapers, some baby powder, a large changing pad, some diaper rash ointment, and a container of diaper wipes. "Now then, what else am I forgetting?" her mother said. "Oh well, I'll figure it out if I see it. Lets go check out and get going now." As they headed towards the checkout stand, Amber’s mom snapped her fingers and spoke up. "I know what I forgot! Wait right here and don't move while I go get the last item we need for you in here." Her mother disappeared down a side aisle and returned a moment latter with two pacifiers for Amber. "There now, we can check out now and head to the mall for the rest of your new things."
As they were checking out with their items, Amber felt the urge to pee. She wanted to just go straight to the nearest restroom, but knew that her mother would just tell her no and that she was to use the diapers for their intended purpose. She held it a few more minutes and finally gave up; flooding her diaper with pee while her mother paid for the last few items. Amber let out a small sigh of relief as the pressure on her bladder was relieved into her diaper. Her mother had not heard her sigh, and they quickly walked to the car with the diapers and everything else in hand.
As they were putting the last of the items into the car, Amber's mother decided to check Amber's diaper before leaving the parking lot. She reached over and lifted up the front of Amber's dress and looked at the diaper that Amber had just wet in the store. "I thought I heard you making noises in there, and I see you need to have your diaper changed now. Get into the backseat and I'll change you real quick before we leave. Can't have you walking around in a wet diaper."
Amber got into the backseat and raised her dress up as her mother reached for the diaper tapes that held the diaper in place. She quickly undid all the tapes on the diaper and lifted amber's bottom up as she pulled the wet diaper out from under her and slid a clean diaper into place under her. She then proceeded to wipe down Amber's crotch area real quick with the diaper wipes she had just bought. Before tapping the diaper into place, she then sprinkled some baby powder onto amber's crotch as well. A moment later she taped the diaper into place on Amber and lowered her dress.
Amber turned red with embarrassment and wanted to cry. She had not had her diaper changed by her mother since she was a baby. She opened her mouth to tell her mother that she could do it herself, but her mother shoved a pacifier in it before she could speak. "Little babies should be seen and not heard. This should keep you quiet while we drive to the mall for the rest of your baby things. If you behave, I'll let you take it out when we get to the mall. If you misbehave, I'll spank you in front of everyone and make you keep the pacifier in while we shop the mall. Do you understand?" Amber quietly shook her head yes and then got into the front seat of the car.
As they pulled into the mall parking lot a few minutes later, her mother spoke up again. "You've been a good girl, so you can take the pacifier out and put it into your diaper bag." She removed the pacifier from her mouth and put it into the diaper bag with the rest of the items that were in it. Her mother then told her to go ahead and open up one of the bags of diapers and put three more into the bag just in case they needed them. Once this was done, they proceeded to walk towards the mall entrance.
Amber was embarrassed to be seen walking around with a diaper bag in hand and was sure that everyone could hear the tell-tale rustling of her diaper. She wanted to run and hide, but knew that the only thing she could do was to go along with her mother and silently hope for the best. Her diaper seemed to be so loud that she was sure everyone knew she had a diaper on under her dress. Her thoughts were interrupted when her mother pulled her into a furniture store.
Once inside, Amber’s mom took them straight to the infant furnishings and straight to an elderly lady who worked in the store. "Good afternoon folks. How may I help you?" Amber suddenly understood why they were in this section of the store before the sales clerk finished speaking. Amber could only stand in shame as her mother spoke to the clerk. "I certainly hope you can. I'm looking for a changing table and a crib for my daughter here." "I see, and how long until she has the baby?" the clerk asked as Amber turned red with shame. "Actually," Amber's mother spoke up, "this is my daughter right here. Due to some problems she has, I have had to put her back into diapers recently and now need a good strong changing table for her. I also need a large crib for her to sleep in as well so that she will not get up and sleepwalk in the night."
The clerk was a little surprised at first but then showed them to a smaller room in the back of the store. There they had a small selection of baby furniture for adult babies. Amber's mom picked out a large changing table and a large crib that would be just the right size for Amber.
As they finished the final details of the sale and where to have it delivered to, amber began to feel the same familiar cramping she had earlier in the day. She tried to hold it in, but it did no good. Her bottom exploded a hot and runny mush into her diaper as she stood there in shame. She noticed that she had also soaked the diaper as well and felt even more ashamed. She almost felt like crying as the smell from her diaper drifted up and out.
"I think I need to change you right away baby girl. Lets get you to the bathroom and get your diaper changed." Amber's mom then took her by the hand and led her out of the store and to the nearest bathroom. As they passed several customers, they all gave Amber funny looks as they smelled the odor coming from her diaper and saw her carrying a diaper bag. Amber wished she could have somehow turned invisible so as to avoid the shameful looks she felt she was receiving. The trip to the nearest bathroom seemed to take forever, but in reality only took about five minutes.
Amber felt relieved when they entered the bathroom and found it empty at the moment. As her mother had her lay down on a wooden bench, she felt another hot burst of mush explode into her already full diaper. Without saying a word, her mother lifted up her dress and began to undo the diaper tapes. As she got down to the last two tapes, her mother slid a changing pad under Amber to help prevent the mess from getting all over the bench if it leaked out of the diaper. "You certainly are a mess baby girl. I hope you don't have too many more messes like this,” her mother said as she slipped the messy diaper out from under Amber's bottom.
She then rolled up the messy diaper and dropped it into the trashcan next to the bench. After a few minutes of wiping Ambers bottom down, she seemed satisfied and began to diaper her again. Amber was beginning to feel that they would get lucky and that no one would come in to the bathroom while she was getting her diaper changed. About that time the bathroom door opened up and in walked someone Amber knew.
Amber turned beet red as her mother pulled the disposable diaper up between the legs and began to fasten it. The girl was her best friend Julie. Julie stood in shock for a moment as she recognized Amber and saw her getting diapered by her mother. Before anything could be said, Julie turned and walked from the restroom while attempting to not laugh at her friends’ predicament.
End part four

The trip home from the mall seemed to take forever for Amber. She was sure that everyone was staring at her as they drove home from the mall. Her thoughts were once more interrupted by her mother talking to her once more. "I'll have to hire you a babysitter for when I have to work. I wont be home when you get back from school, and I don't want my baby getting into trouble while I'm at work. Which reminds me, I'll have to send a note to with you tomorrow along with some extra diapers so you can be changed by the school nurse every so often. I'll have all this done for you before tomorrow morning, so don’t worry about having to wear the same diaper all day at school tomorrow, or having to wait for me to come home after work to change your diaper."
Amber wanted to protest but knew that it would do no good. She didn't like what her mother was doing, and began to wonder how she would tell her mother about date with Kevin on Saturday. She had dated a few other boys in the past, but they all wanted only to get her into bed with them as fast as they could. This time would be different due to the diapers she was forced to wear. She was not even sure if she would now be able to go through with the date with Kevin if she had to wear diapers. She almost felt like crying. It was so unfair that everything always went so wrong for her all the time.
They pulled into the driveway and parked the car. It only took them a few minutes to unload all of the supplies they had bought while they were out shopping. Amber was so busy trying to think of a way to tell her mother about Kevin that she failed to notice that she had wet her diaper until her mother asked if she needed to be changed yet. Before she could answer, her mother lifted up her dress and saw that the diaper was very wet. A few minutes later she had been cleaned up and changed once more.
The rest of the evening passed quietly and uneventfully until it was time for Amber to go to bed. Her mother changed her into a clean diaper once more and then gave her a new nightgown to wear. She wore a nightgown with a teddy bear design on it. As she crawled under the covers to drift off to sleep, her mother came into the room with a baby bottle for her. Amber began to protest at the treatment, but was quickly silenced by her mother sticking the bottle into her mouth. "Drink it honey and then go to sleep. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow." Her mother then turned off the light as she left the room.
Amber did not feel much like drinking the bottle her mother had given her, but did so anyway so as not to upset her mother again. Before long, she fell asleep for a few hours. She woke up and looked over at her clock. It was only 3:00 AM in the morning, but she could not get back to sleep. She knew that her diaper was wet again but was afraid to get up and change it for fear of waking her mother up and getting in trouble. After lying awake for a few more minutes, she decided to go ahead and change out of her wet diaper and put a dry one on. Once this was accomplished, she threw the wet diaper into the wastebasket near the foot of her bed and went back to sleep.
Amber awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off at the normal preset time. Before she could even stop it, her bowels let loose into her diaper once more. The mess this time was not nearly as bad as the last two she had in her diapers. "Oh great. Not only do I have to wear diapers like a baby, but now I even mess them like one as well. I better get up and get changed" she thought to herself.
Before she was even half way out of bed, her mother came into her room. "Time to for you get a bath and get changed honey. We don't want you to be late for school now do we?" Her mother quickly noticed that Amber's diaper was wet as well as messy as she headed Amber towards the bathroom. "My we certainly filled our diapers last night didn't we. Well, no matter. Get into the shower and get cleaned and then we'll get you ready for school."
She quickly removed the wet and messy diaper she had on and then got into the shower. As the water ran over her body and cleaned her mess off, she thought that maybe her mother would not force her to wear diapers to school. As soon as she got out of the shower and into her room, her mother showed up once more. As she passed by Amber's dresser, she paused and removed a diaper for Amber, then continued over to her. "Lets get a clean diaper on you shall we?" her mother said. Ambers thin hopes shattered painfully as her mother taped a clean diaper onto her.
Amber gathered up her books and papers she needed for school and headed for the door when her mother called to her. "Wait a minute honey. I phoned the school this morning and have it arranged for you there. You will go to the nurse’s office every three hours to get changed into clean diapers if you need them. All of your teachers and your principal know this and will excuse from class at any time if you need to be changed, as well as allowing you extra time between classes for visits to the nurses office. Put these extra diapers in your bag real quick honey, and stop at the nurse’s office before you go to class. I also want you to know that I have hired a babysitter for you when you get home. I'll introduce you tonight. Now get going or you'll be late."
As Amber started towards the door, she began to feel a little light headed for a moment and felt a slight tingling in her shoulders, as well as a momentary loss of breath. She chalked it up to nerves as she recovered a moment later and was out the door. She knew that if she didn't hurry that she would be late for classes.
Amber arrived at the school with only a few minutes left before her first class began. She was halfway to her first class when she suddenly remembered to stop by the nurse’s office to drop off her extra diapers. She turned and ran up the stairs to the second floor in an effort to get there and out in time for her first class of the day. As she topped the stairs, the bell rang.
She stopped for a moment to try to catch her breath as the strange feeling she had from earlier caught up to her once more. She began to think maybe she was just out of shape as she began to suddenly feel dizzy and numb in the arms and shoulders. "I need to get more exercise." she said to herself as she suddenly began to pass out. She barely even heard someone yell out her name as she fell over and down the stairs.
Amber came to in the back of an ambulance, dazed and extremely confused. The last thing she remembered was feeling strange and out of breath at the top of the stairs leading to second floor near the nurses station. "What happened? Where am I?" she barely managed to whisper. A moment later, the strange sensation hit again and she passed out once more as her heart went into full arrest.

Amber's mother had just arrived at the hospital for her shift when the call came in from the ambulance crew. They had a juvenile female roughly 17 years old in full cardiac arrest. The e.t.a. From the hospital was three minutes. Amber's mother and the rest of the nurses on duty quickly rushed to prepare an emergency room for the patient coming in. Trays of medications were set out; machines were turned on and made ready for use. Amber’s mother never suspected that it was her daughter in the ambulance, or that her world was about to be forever changed.
The ambulance crew quickly backed up and threw open the doors of the ambulance to unload their unfortunate passenger. They had managed to get her heart started once more by the time they arrived, but it was weak heartbeat. They continued to move quickly with her as they rushed down a short hallway to the awaiting room and her unsuspecting mother.
As soon as they wheeled her into the room, the paramedics started to tell the doctors everything they had done to her on the trip and that she was lucky to be alive. It seems that some student saw her turn pale, pass out and fall down the stairs. Upon reaching her, the student administered C.P.R. and mouth to mouth in between breaths of shouting for help. The two paramedics credited the quick actions of the youth with saving Amber's life.
Amber's mother entered the room prepared to do her job and fight to help save the life of the young girl. When She saw who it was on the bed she dropped everything and shouted. "OHMYGOD NO!!! AMBER!!!"
Another nurse quickly grabbed her and dragged her out of the room when she realized that the girl was her daughter who was in there fighting for her life. "Calm down honey, calm down. I can't have you in there in the shape you're in, or you're just as likely to be doing her more harm than good. Quickly now, does she have any allergies that we need to know of?" Mrs. Johnson shook her head no as she tried to get herself under control. "She's a good girl. Hates drugs and is even a virgin still. I don't understand how this could have happened. She has not had any heart trouble since she was a baby." "Wait here honey, I'll find out what is going on and tell them the information. Go ahead and cry if you like. If it was my daughter in there, I'd be just as scared as you are. I'll be right back"
After another long and agonizing 30 minutes, one of the doctors came out of the little room Amber had been put into. "She's stable now. She's a real fighter and should recover fully in time. I have her read over her medical history, but I am curious about the diapers. Care to fill me in?"
After filling him in as to why she was wearing diapers when they got to her, he shook his head and spoke up once more. "A little harsh don't you think? Did it ever occur to you to find out all the details before getting upset with her? That's usually not like you to be so rash and quick to act. You're the best-damned head nurse I've ever had and also the most carefully attentive to all the details. I'll tell you what, when we get everything all figured out here in a little bit, I'll let you try to tell me about it. Strictly off the record and as a friend. Now let's go see your daughter."
Amber's mother stood staring at her daughter who was now lying on a bed and was hooked up to all sorts of various machines. Tears rolled down her mothers face as she listened to the doctor tell her that amber had a heart attack due to stress and a defective heart valve that gave out on her. They had her hooked up to a machine that pumped blood for amber, and another one that helped her breathe. They had scheduled her for emergency surgery in 20 minutes from then and would replace her bad heart valve with an artificial one.
Amber's surgery went well and had no complications. She was taken to a room in the intensive care unit and monitored carefully for the next three days. Amber's mother was given an emergency leave of absence from the hospital so that she could be with her daughter while she began to recover. Amber was removed from life support by the end of the second day, as she no longer needed it. The hospital staff continued to leave her in diapers and to change her whenever she needed it. Within five days of having the surgery, Amber finally woke up.
"Where am I?" she asked as she saw her mother standing next to her with a very worried look on her face. "Oh thank God! I thought I'd lost you for good. I'm sorry honey. You had a heart attack and fell down the stairs at school. Apparently your new boyfriend saved your life by giving you c.p.r. And mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrived to take over." Amber winced in pain as she tried to sit up a little too fast. "Take it easy and try again honey, only do it real slowly this time. They had to do emergency heart surgery on you and as a result you are going to be very weak and sore for a while."
After being in the hospital for almost twelve weeks, they finally let amber go home. As she began to leave her room, Kevin showed up with a bouquet of a dozen white roses in hand. As he approached Amber he began to smile. "I brought these for you.” he said as he handed her the roses. "You know, you could have just told me you had a headache if you didn't want to go out on the date. You didn't have to go through such extremes you know." Amber laughed as she swatted him on the arm.
"As they began their drive home, Amber flooded her diaper to the point where it almost leaked before she realized that she had done so. "Um, mom, I need to use the bathroom when we get home. I may need some help from you if you don't mind." Amber's mother smiled for a moment and then replied. "Not at all honey. Everything is ready for you when you get home. Say Kevin, do you need to be dropped off anywhere?" Kevin smiled and politely responded, "You can just drop me off at the drugstore near your place if you like. I need to get a few things for myself from the pharmacy anyway."
Amber gave Kevin a questioning look for a moment before he replied. "Don't worry Amber, I'm not sick or anything like that. I just have to pick up my insulin prescription from there. I'm diabetic and have to use insulin daily. I go there every two weeks and pick up fresh insulin supplies and testing papers as well as other things I need to use for my health. I would have told you sooner, but you decided to scare me half to death before I could tell you. Happy now that you know one of my big secrets?" Kevin stated with slight laugh.
A few moments later they were pulling up to the front of the drugstore when Amber leaned over and grabbed Kevin and then proceeded to kiss him. As she broke off the kiss she couldn't help but laugh at the look of surprise on his face. "I had to thank you properly for saving my life now didn't I? Plus I heard that you kept checking with the nurses every day to see how I was doing and if you could see me. Now then, as for that date, when I get strong enough, I would still like for us to have it. I just hope you can have patience for a few more weeks so I can also get caught up on my schoolwork. I'd hate to miss graduation just due to some little heart attack." After they dropped off Kevin, they proceeded to head for home so that Amber could rest as well as get a diaper change.

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