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Tommys New Trouble a short story by kenk7us

December 17 2003 at 7:23 PM
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kenk7us  (no login)

This is just a little story that popped in my head actually its a take off on a story I was thinking about writing and may still do.

I think this story is about humor and irony It may just be stupid but it was fun to write

You tell me what you think

Tommy’s New Trouble
A short story by kenk7us

Tommy could not believe what was happening. He had been out of the juvenile detention center for less than two weeks. Now he was looking at three years in the county jail

Juvie had been bad enough thought Tommy at five ft three inches tall and one hundred and fifteen pounds he was beaten up nearly every day. Even by many of the younger boys.

He had been fondled and had come close to actually being sexually assaulted a couple of times. When he got out of juvie he had went straight home to his parent’s house. He was surprised they had not picked him up; then again in three years they had never visited him either.

His little sister had let him in the house the moment his step dad got home he threw him out. Homeless Tommy hit the streets. As much as he knew he could never survive in a real jail he began doing what he had too for survival.

The same thing that had got him put in juvie in the first place shoplifting. He was working a big department store one day, When he saw a large fat woman about thirty five pull a huge wad of cash out of her purse.

Purse snatching was something Tommy had seldom tried but for all that money he thought it was worth the chance. So he followed the woman. That was easy enough who could lose her in the crowd. She was very tall and very portly with bright red hair. Actually thought Tommy if she could loose a couple hundred pounds she might not look so bad.

Tommy followed her right into the parking lot and then made a dash and grabbed the purse. He almost pulled his arm out of the socket and crashed on the blacktop parking lot. The large woman had simply not let go. Then she held him there until the police showed up.

Tommy stood up as court was called to order. The judge then began to speak. “Mr. Jacobs I find you guilty of attempted purse snatching. Do you or your lawyer have any reason I should not pass sentence right now.

The woman that Tommy had attempted to steal from stood up.
“I do your honor if that is allowable, I would like to talk to you in your chambers “

“Wanda what do you want I found the kid guilty he gets three years.” That’s Mommy Wanda to you baby Georgie. I want the boy released into my custody for two years. “

“Mommy Wanda you know I have great respect for you and I know that you are my wife’s uhhh Mommies best friend. But I can’t do this its against the law.”

Well Georgie your Mommy told me this morning to feel free to use what ever means necessary to get you to see it my way.”

Tommy watched as the lady walked back out and took her seat. A few minutes later the judge walked out his eyes were red and he was rubbing his butt over his robe.

The courtroom was called to order again and the judge began to speak.

Tommy this court remands you to the care of Wanda Murphy for a period of two years. Should you fail during this period to do exactly as you are told by Ms Murphy or try to escape her control? You will be remanded to the county jail for five years without parole. Court is now adjourned. The judge then got up and ran out of the courtroom.

Tommy was taken to do some paperwork and then handed over to Wanda Murphy. He was to stunned by what had just happened he still had not said a word.

Tommy was thrilled not to be going to jail, but what in the world did this woman want with him. She took him by the hand and walked him to her Cadillac escalade. She then opened the back door “ok Tommy up you go and in your car seat.” She then picked him up and placed him in the baby car seat and strapped him in.

About ten minutes later a still stunned and quiet Tommy watched as the woman pulled into her drive way. He had no idea what she did for a living.

Wanda lifted Tommy out of his seat and placed him on her hip then carried him into the house.

Finally Tommy spoke “lady I am perfectly capable of walking please put me down”

Tommy was then placed on the couch with Wanda standing in front of him.

“Now listen to me little boy and pay strong attention. From this moment on I am your Mommy and that is how you will refer to me. I don’t think much of the job your parents did raising you so I am going to do it over. As of now you are eighteen months old over the next two years you will age one year. You will speak and act like the baby you are at all times. Anytime you fail to do so I will spank your bottom and make you wish you had. Now I think it is time we get you bathed and dressed in something a bit more appropriate for a baby your age.

Tommy was to scared to say a word he could only imagine what being spanked by this woman would be like. Before he knew it she had him naked and in a tub of water filled with bath toys. The woman seemed to enjoy bathing him and insisted that he play with the toys.

When she was finished she stood him up and wrapped a towel around him. His eyes almost popped out of his head when she carried him into a nursery. She laid him on a changing table and finished drying him off.

She then began putting baby lotion on his privates. “Oh I see my baby likes this part “ she then chuckled and continued. Next she slid a three-layer cloth diaper under his butt as she lifted him with one hand by his ankles. Tommy thought he would die as she powdered his privates and his butt then pinned the diaper shut.

She then picked him up from the table and carried him to the kitchen. She placed in a high chair and began fixing him his lunch. He was given some finger food to eat and bibbed then Mommy spoon-fed him his chocolate pudding. After she had him cleaned up she carried him back to the living room and place him in a playpen. “Play with your toys baby have fun.”

Tommy thought about his situation, he was not in jail and had someone taking care of him. Maybe this would not be so bad after all. He then began stacking the blocks in his playpen.

Five years later Tommy was sitting in the same playpen reflecting on his life. Mommy took care of his every need and for the last two years his sexual needs as well. She never touched him until they were married.

Sure Tommy had to endure the occasional spanking but for the most part he loved being a baby. After all he had the best Mommy in the world. She made her living running a internet service dedicated to teaching women how to take control of there husbands.

She also occasionally took care of men or women for a week or so while they were on vacation. Tommy loved having playmates. After all the judge that had sentenced Tommy in the first place was his best friend, and Tommy considered Georgie’s Mommy his Aunt

Tommy then messed his diaper and began crying for his Mommy she came running as usual. After all who was in charge here anyway.

The End

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Re: Tommys New Trouble a short story by kenk7us

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December 18 2003, 12:49 AM 

Cute story Ken. Short and sweet. Great job!!!

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Re-Tommys New Trouble
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December 18 2003, 8:34 AM 

Yes that was short but I must say not bad at all, in exception for the over weight woman lol.

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Tommys New Trouble

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December 18 2003, 9:15 PM 

Ken I liked this. I really would like to see you expand it some if possible. I know you have the abilities to do so. Keep them coming!

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December 18 2003, 10:32 PM 

For some reason I am not really sure I am not very comfortable writing about men forced in to diapers.

Maybe its the Macho in me.

Thats the main reason I made this a short story

but I am glad you liked it

thanks for reading


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Victoriah Nichole Little
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Re: Tommys New Trouble a short story by kenk7us

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December 19 2003, 1:19 PM 

Actually, I like it. Maybe it is because you finally broke out of your mold with this one. A little short but that never hurt anyone. Good job.

Lil' Vickie
Forum Co-Moderator and Princess of Knuffles


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December 19 2003, 2:50 PM 

Actually I am just happy that you are still reading my stories and very surprised.

I am glad you liked it. Still not sure about me and diaperboy stories. Oh well

thanks for reading


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