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The Princess and the Garbage Man - Chapter Twenty-Two

December 20 2003 at 12:00 AM
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Nighthawk  (Login MadMax03)

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners/creators. This story may contain topicality of a sexually explicit, vulgar, or religious nature, and as such, may not be suitable/desirable for all readers. Do not post or archive without the author's express consent. Please read responsibly.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Eric had finished loading up his stuff and had driven over to Susie’s house. He got out and rang the doorbell, being greeted by Susie and Dana. “Hi Eric!” Dana said excitedly and with a hug. Eric returned the hug and the greeting.

“You girls ready to go?” he asked.

“Yeah, my folks know where we’re going,” Susie replied.

“Cool. I figured that you two would take Dana’s car, primarily because my equipment takes up all my passenger space and I don’t think you two would want to share the front seat,” Eric said. “Is that all right?”

“Sure,” Dana said. “I think we can manage one trip without you as our chauffer.”

Eric smiled. “Grand. You have my cell number, right Susie?”

“Yes I do.”

“Excellent. Then I say we get rolling,” Eric suggested and turned to head back to his car. The girls followed him out of the house and went to Dana’s car while Eric pulled his Tempo out of the driveway. He waited for Dana to get rolling before he started moving and led them out onto a main road. The trip to Jeff’s house was uneventful, at least in Eric’s car. But in Dana’s car, the girls were engaged in a buzz of conversation, mostly Dana asking if Susie knew if any of Eric’s band mates were cute. Susie had a hard time convincing Dana that she didn’t while still not laughing at the same time.

They arrived at Jeff’s house without incident, and Matt and Brent, the band’s other guitarist, greeted Eric. “Hey, Eric,” Brent said as he shook hands with him.

“Hi, Eric,” Matt said, and then noticed the two girls coming up behind him. “Who’re they? New groupies?” he asked, but was only mildly kidding.

“I suppose so. This is Susie, my neighbor and her friend Dana,” he said, gesturing to the girls respectively. “Ladies, this is Matt, our bassist, and Brent, our guitarist and lead singer.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Susie said as she shook hands with them.

“Likewise,” Dana said. In the dark it wasn’t hard for her to surreptitiously look them over; Brent was a muscular six feet tall and Matt was only a little taller, but more lanky. Dana couldn’t decide which she thought was cuter, but figured that before the night was over she’d have a chance to get to know them a little better.

“Well, I’m going to get my stuff, Matt you wanna give me a hand?”

Susie jumped in. “I’ll help,” she said.

“That works,” Eric said and led Susie back to his car for his gear, leaving Dana alone with Matt and Brent.

“So, how long have you guys been playing together?” she asked them.

Brent spoke first. “Well, altogether about… two years now.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” Matt said. “Although, we didn’t have quite our current membership when we started,” Matt continued, but Brent shot him a warning look. Dana caught that and wondered what is was all about.

“What do you mean?” she asked. Brent took up the reigns this time.

“When we first started, it was Matt, Jeff, and I and we played together for a few months before Eric and Greg joined us; Greg’s our keyboardist,” he explained.

“Oh,” Dana said, but got the feeling they were holding something back. Eric was coming back with his guitar cases and bag of equipment while Susie lugged his amplifier.

“Well, let’s get inside and get set up,” Matt said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Eric agreed as they moved towards the door. Eric and Susie took the stuff downstairs and he began to get set up. Once her part was finished Susie was introduced to Jeff and Greg, and Dana as well. If you were to ask Dana, she would tell you that she thought Brent or Jeff was cuter. Jeff wasn’t a tall guy, but he wasn’t short, either. He was about five feet eleven inches and somewhat lanky, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the way he played the drums. Greg was about an inch shorter than Jeff and considered to be a virtuoso with the keyboard, almost like Eric was with the guitar. He and Eric worked well together, well enough that they’d actually developed a duet solo that stunned audiences when they played it. Greg and Eric would be hitting the same notes at the same time, at a speed faster than one would think, but not as fast as either of them could go alone.

Once the introductions were complete, Susie and Dana sat on the nearby couch to watch the guys play. By now everyone was set up and Matt lead them all in a word of prayer to start things off. Susie and Dana obligingly closed their eyes during the prayer, even though neither of them was attached to any sort of religious body. He finished, and the band kicked off with a jam session to warm up with. During the jam, the girls got a taste of the symmetry with which Eric and Greg played. Even in its most basic form it was pretty cool to behold. Neither had seen anything like it before now.

As the girls watched the guys play, Susie felt inordinately comfortable in what was still a very foreign setting. The band was comprised of nice and, as Dana was constantly informing her, cute guys. What was making her comfortable though, was the strength that Eric displayed while he performed. His gentle playing made her feel comfortable and him gentle, but his rapid fire playing and finger tapping was more a feeling of security than anything. The added bonus of all that was the strength was almost totally at her beck and call. However, Susie found it odd that she could recall times when Eric wasn’t as strong and those memories troubled her. Maybe it was before he started working out? Susie knew that Eric had spent a lot of time in the weight room during high school, and also that it had been precipitated by another event in his life. Oh well, she could find out about it later. For now, she was content to watch the band play.

The jam session ended a few minutes later after every member of the band had had a chance to solo (Susie liked Eric’s the most), and Jeff suggested that they play “My Glorious,” by Delirious.

“We haven’t practiced that song in awhile,” Brent pointed out.

“That’s true,” Greg added.

“Cool by me if we play it. I like the song anyway,” Eric said.

“Looks like it’s unanimous, then,” Matt said. “‘My Glorious’ it is.”

Jeff kicked things off with the song’s drum intro, and the band jumped in on their cue. The song struck Susie as a rock and roll song, something she wouldn’t have expected from a Christian band. Then again, the song Eric had played for her in his truck yesterday had come as a surprise as well. Maybe there was more to Christianity than she had originally thought.


There is a fine line between adult and adolescent mindsets... I choose to walk on it, occasionally wavering to and fro.


There is a fine line between adult and adolescent mindsets... I choose to walk on it, occasionally wavering to and fro.

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He's Back He's Bad

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December 20 2003, 12:48 AM 

Another great chapter to a great story

I am still in bad need of a vigilante fix

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diapered artist
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Re: The Princess and the Garbage Man - Chapter Twenty-Two

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December 20 2003, 4:42 PM 

I bow to thee almighty Nighthawk.
This is an epic I haven't seen the likes of since WingZ's "Geek and the Cheerleader"
Please continue on this amazing story.

"Why don't you make like a tree.....and get the F**K OUT OF HERE"
-Boondock Saints

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Re: The Princess and the Garbage Man - Chapter Twenty-Two

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December 20 2003, 10:14 PM 

great story!!! i still dont beleave any guy whos not gay wouldnt be haveing sex with a girl this hot if he could !!! but i guess this is a fantasy!!!

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