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Your Hinney belongs to me ch9

May 29 2004 at 9:16 PM
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I am like in cute mode for some reason or another.

But one way or another I dont think I am close to finishing this story.

Let me know what you think

Now what do I do a chapter of Katasha go sit on my porch a chapter of Anna's secret damn decisions decisions guess you will have to wait and see

evil kenk7us

Your Hinney belongs to me ch9

Jill and Sandy were sitting in their diapers playing a video game when Jill heard Aunt Molly’s voice in the living room. Sandy and Jill had been really playing the game hard not wanting to stop for anything.

Suddenly realizing that Aunt Molly was here to pick her up for the first time Jill thought about her diaper. It was then that she realized it was wet again. Jill was certain she was in big trouble and almost started to cry.

Just then Aunt Molly walked into Sandy’s nursery. “Ok Jill honey time to go home.” Jill stood up and walked to her Aunt.

“Aunt Molly uhhhhhhh Aunt Dani put me in a diaper and I think I wet it, please don’t be angry at me?”

“Silly girl why would Aunt Molly be angry that’s what diapers are for. Now say goodbye to Sandy and I will clean you up when we get home.”

Jill walked over and hugged Sandy “Thanks for a wonderful time Sandy and the information I will see you tomorrow.”

Sandy smiled “okie dokie Jill see ya.”

Jill turned and walked back to Aunt Molly who quickly scooped her up and placed her on her hip. Auntie Dani kissed Jill goodbye “ sorry I had to spank you baby but you have to mind.” She then kissed Jill’s cheek. And handed Molly the rest of Jill’s things.

Jill thanked Auntie Dani for a wonderful time and apologized for needing to be spanked. She knew that next time she would pay more attention when Auntie Dani spoke. Jill waved as Aunt Molly carried her out the front door.

When they arrived home, Jill was suddenly scared. Aunt Molly carried her into her room and placed her on the changing table.

“Aunt Molly I know you told me to mind and I disobeyed you not that I meant too. I am ready for my spanking if we could just get it over with.”

To Jill’s surprise Aunt Molly smiled “honey I am not going to spank you twice for the same offense. Dani already attended to that. You got what you deserved and I was proud of you for admitting it. But I do want to talk to you about something.

Jill was relieved “what is that Aunt Molly?”

“Well Hun you have had a couple of accidents lately, and Dani told me you were wet after your nap and you are wet now. I think you are too young too be toilet trained for now. At least for your bladder I think it would be best for your peace of mind that you go back in diapers for at least a couple of years most girls in this town your age and older are you know.”

Jill thought for a moment before she said a word. She did not want to anger her Aunt. “Aunt Molly I don’t really want to go back in diapers, and at the same time I cant explain my accidents. Honestly I don’t think you are going to give me a choice so I guess its ok with me. If that makes any sense?”

Aunt Molly went about changing her diaper. Wiping her clean then lotion, and powder were applied. She then slid the diaper underneath Jill it was then that Jill noticed her new bed. It was not the little fake crib she had before but a full adult size crib. Just as Aunt Molly taped her diaper shut Jill spoke. “Looks like some one has a new bed?”

Aunt Molly began to tickle Jill without mercy Jill was giggling like a hyena.

“Yes my baby girl someone got a new bed, am I going to get any trouble about that?”

“He he giggle giggle not from me giggle Aunt Molly giggle giggle please stop giggle giggle.”

Aunt Molly placed a clean pacifier in the girl’s mouth and lifted her down from the table. “Honey why don’t you play with your toys for a while watch some TV or play on your puter. I need to go make some dinner. How does chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, white gravy and cream style corn sound to you baby?”

Jill giggled “yummmmmmmmmieeeeeeeeeee what’s for desert?”

Aunt Molly grinned “how about a spanking alamode?”

Jill suddenly frowned and Aunt Molly smiled “I have chocolate chip ice cream.”

“Yummy you’re the bestest Aunt in the world I love chocolate chip.”

“Well little one you better eat all your dinner or you don’t get any.”

Jill just giggled “with the meals you feed me that’s never a problem Aunt Molly. The problem is if I keep eating like this you won’t be able to call me little one.”

Aunt Molly left the room, to fix dinner Jill walked over to check her email. The diaper she was wearing was even thicker than the one Aunt Dani used. She could feel how it made her spread her legs and sort of toddle as she walked. Jill knew she would have to learn how to walk in diapers without doing that.

Jill logged on her computer and began to think about the fact that she was now a diaper girl. Somehow she knew that she should be really angry, but she was not. Training panties diapers what’s the difference thought Jill. Maybe toilets were over rated in the first place.
Jill thought to herself I certainly hope Aunt Molly meant what she said about using my diaper for my bladder. Jill checked her email, and then clicked on her TV her favorite cartoon Tom and Jerry was on. It was the episode where the little girl put Tom in a diaper, and Jerry called his cat friends over to check it out. Suddenly Jill was laughing her cute little hinny off.

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Sissy Baby Paula
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I like the cute mode!

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May 30 2004, 4:36 AM 

I just love when you write so sweetly! Happy babies make a happy home and no nasty spankings (couple of swats for not minding don't count I quess). It feels bad when someone is really trashed but perhaps a story needs that at times... Hopefully this story doesn't - but it can be hard. I am really curious where shall this story go. Shall Jill just settle down being a thirteen year old baby playing with her toys and friends like a toddler? Or shall she be reduced to be a toddler in childcare? Or will she find a boy and grow up to be a happy diaper wearing woman?

Please more!

Hugs from Sissy Baby Paula and Snowball (my toy puppy)

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Grins at Paula

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May 30 2004, 2:03 PM 

Well I am glad you like the story Paula. I think spanking is necessary in my stories. But I hope you appreciate that most of my spankings are not exactly beatings.

I just think with out the discipline the diapers and regression may never take place.

thanks for reading


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He Likes it.

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May 31 2004, 9:51 PM 

I to like a sweet story. Getting the bottom warmed is not always a bad thing either. Keep them coming Ken.

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