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The World of Dreams, ch 22

May 31 2004 at 12:38 AM
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iceblumist610  (no login)

I'm definately going to need a long intro, so I can make Stefan wait for this chapter, lol. I'm finally out of school, so my posting should get more frequent for a week before I go on vacation. (That is unless my annoying little brother insists on watching my every move as usual). Exams are over, my sickness is receding, the Marlins are winning, so the Bolts better get somthing going quick to make this week COMPLETELY awesome. OK, I 've stalled enough, now for the story.

Morgan took it easy on her parents over the next couple days; after all, she didn’t want them thinking she was torturing them on purpose. She tried to make sure she got all her BMs out of the way at school, and she didn’t leave much in her bladder for when she got home either. Both would weigh her down for basketball anyway, something she really didn’t need, especially with the season starting. Tuesday night she even managed to go diaper free at home, due to the team having a game in North Carolina and her parents not being awake when she got home. However, when they were able to enforce her punishment, she managed to not let it affect her, especially the way it had in that first week. While she didn’t have as much fun with it as she had on Sunday, she at least maintained sanity by taking a bit of joy out of every wetting, though she still didn’t let anyone else in her family in on that trivial fact. On the other hand, while she was carrying on as usual (or at least what had become usual in the past week), Alison was going through a whole new diapered adventure, only this one was diaperless.

Wednesday night youth group was just ending, and Alison wasn’t able to find a bathroom. Apparently, Emma was in a rush to get home, for some reason or another, and Alison was too embarrassed to ask in public if they could delay their departure a little to allow relief for her aching bowels. As soon as she had hopped in the backseat of Emma’s car and shut the door, she announced, “Hurry up, I need to go to the bathroom.”

“You’re not wearing a diaper, are you?” Emma asked.

“Of course not. Are you crazy? Here, someone would be sure to notice.”

“Will you all quit talking about diapers and learn to use the toilet like normal people,” Annie piped up from the passenger seat as she threw her hands in the air, “I have just about the weirdest sisters it’s possible to have.”

“For your information,” Alison responded sarcastically, “I couldn’t exactly use the bathroom, because EMMA just HAD to get home early.”

“Come on, it’s not my fault,” Emma said in self-defense, “I have two tests tomorrow that I have to study for. I can’t help it.”

“What ever happened to the whole ‘no homework on Wednesday night’ policy,” Annie retorted.

“You know the teachers never go by that,” Emma said, “Now let’s just stop arguing; we’ll be home in ten minutes anyway.”

Alison inwardly groaned; ten minutes was ten minutes too long. However, she bore the burden in silence, longing for the soft comfort of a diaper in which she could ease the pain. A few minutes later however, overwhelmed by the extreme pressure, she again spoke, “You know, I could just go right here in the backseat.”

“No way!” Emma shouted, “You are NOT going to screw up my car just because you don’t have the sense to go to the bathroom when you need to.”

“It’s not like I have to pee; this won’t screw up your car at all.”

“Well it will stink it up, but more importantly, you’re wrong; it will screw it up. Tell me exactly how many times you’ve pooped without peeing yourself at the same time.”

“Look, it’s different this time. I went to the bathroom thirty minutes ago. I couldn’t pee right now if I tried.”

Now it was Annie’s turn to hurl an insult, “You mean you’ve done all this whining, and you didn’t even take care of it when you had the chance. How dumb can you get?”

“It came on suddenly. I didn’t know I had to go thirty minutes ago.”

“I’m still not taking any chances with you messing up my car. Just try to hold on until we get home,” Emma said.

“Ok, I’ll try.”

A couple minutes later, they arrived at their house, and Emma and Alison clamored up the stairs together, stopping at the top. “You know, this kinda gets me excited, having a close call like this,” Alison said, clutching her stomach.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Emma responded, “Bathroom or diaper? I’ve got all the supplies in my room, and I can change you if you want.”

“I think I’ll go with…neither,” Alison said, getting a faraway look in her eye. She spread her legs and pushed for a couple seconds, forcing an ultra-hard bit of poop into her underwear. She continued pushing after she had gotten that first bit out, but was surprised when she didn’t slowly fill her pants. On the contrary, the mess exploded into her waiting panties with such force that it was almost painful. After the initial shock, she pushed some more and slowly expelled the last bit of mess, this part soft and mushy, into her underwear. Her jeans pressed the mess against her butt, spreading it all through her underwear, barely keeping from spilling out. “You know,” she said, “This may almost be better than diapers.”

“Riiiight, like I’m gonna believe that,” Emma said.

“No seriously, as good as diapers feel, and as much of a turn-on it was being forced to hold it in for that long, I think this may have been better.” Emma just laughed. “Come on, I’m serious; it’s not funny.”

“Yeah it is. Not just your liking this more than diapers though. You’d be surprised at how comical you sound. Here you are, my stinky little 13-year-old sister, standing there with poop bulging out of the seat of your pants, talking about what is and what isn’t a turn-on.”

“I don’t think it’s that funny,” Alison snorted.

“Come on, don’t take it so bad. This image is just hilarious. It’s not exactly commonplace for 13-year-olds to lecture their 18-year-old older sisters on what is the best turn-on. Lighten up a little.

Alison smiled ruefully and said, “Oh, all right. Well, I think I’d better go get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, and I probably need to start on my homework.”

“Good night then,” Alison called over her shoulder as she strode toward the bathroom, and effort that was much more difficult than usual, due to the massive load in her underwear.

She immediately turned the shower on, kicked off her sandals, and peeled off her shirt and bra before turning her attention to her lower half. She slowly unbutton and slid off her jeans, making sure that no poop had overflowed into them before tossing them in a pile with the rest of her cleanish dirty clothes. She carefully pulled down her underwear to the point where she could she what they contained and assessed the damage. For a moment, she thought about pulling them back up and sitting down, maybe have a little more fun squishing the mess all over before she had to clean up, but she thought better of it, not wanting to make the cleaning up process and more impossible than it already was. She realized that toilet paper would do next to nothing and that the shower would be the only sensible way to clean all that was stuck to her butt, but she still needed a way to dispose of what lay in her underwear. Careful not to spill, she slid her panties down to her feet and grabbed from the other side of the fabric the part where most of the mess had settled. Holding it over the toilet, she cautiously began flipping them upside-down, recruiting gravity to help her separate the mess from her underwear. By this method, she disposed of the majority of it, and she decided that she could take care of the rest in the shower.

She stepped in and held her panties toward the stream, watching the water beat the mess off them, and then with dismay saw the bits of poop fly all over her shower, sticking to any wall they found. Alison muttered curses and threw down her panties as she began to clean the walls of the shower as best she could. Luckily, by the time she was done, the water had done a job on her underwear, leaving her able to simply wring them out and toss them out of the shower in the pile with her other clothes. Now all she had to worry about was her own dirtiness. She turned her back towards the spray and bent down, trying to position her anus in the water’s path. She reached her hand down with the intention of shortening the process by rubbing off some of the mess herself, but she jerked back immediately as her hand wiped against the huge, cold, disgusting paste. As much as she liked the feeling against her butt, she hated it against her hands, and she decided to let the water work on its own. It took much longer, and she wasn’t out of the shower until after ten, but she eventually satisfied herself with her level of cleanliness and emerged, wrapping a towel around her and disposing of her dirty clothes in the hamper before heading to her room to get ready for bed.

The next day, Alison was eager to share her experience with her DL-inclined friends, especially James, as Emma already knew and Morgan was more of a TB. At lunch, she finally had the chance to relate her adventure, and she began narrating as soon as he sat down.

A couple minutes into the story, Terri said angrily, “Do you have to always talk about stuff like this! I’m gonna go find another place to eat, a place with NORMAL people.”

Alison was taken aback by the comment and it showed plainly in her expression. “Don’t worry about it,” James said, “I knew this would happen. I really hoped it wouldn’t, but I always had a sneaking suspicion. Terri’s always been a bit fickle, and she’s not into this herself, so the more the awe of the Dream and her wetting problem fades, the less she wants to hang out with us.” The three girls just stared at him, and he continued, “You mean you all didn’t notice? I thought girls were supposed to be the perceptive ones. It was pretty obvious.” After again enduring a momentary silence, he said, “So…are you going to go on with your story?”

“Oh…yeah,” Alison said, and finished recounting the night’s events. In conclusion, she said, “Have you ever done it in your pants like that? You really should try it. I don’t know if it’s better than diapers, but it’s sure pretty great.”

“Yeah. I know,” James responded calmly, “What do you think I did before I got your sister to keep me a stash of diapers at your-all’s house.”

“So you’ve done it before?”

“Yeah, I used to do it all the time. Like at least once a week. I only wet myself once or twice total though. That’s one thing that’s extremely better in a diaper. As for the other thing, that’s great in just underwear, though I’m not sure I’d put it above diapers though. It was a lot easier to hide. I’d just do it in an old pair of underwear and clean them in the shower. Half of them were stained pink already from a red-wine incident on the way up to Delaware to see my Uncle; it really wasn’t that hard to hide. The stains that did show up could easily be passed off as from a long time ago.”

“Coolness, you should have told me about that a long time ago; I would have tried it.”

“Sorry. Have you tried it Emma?”

“No, I haven’t. I really don’t think it can be any better than diapers, but I guess if you both think it’s so great, I guess I can try it sometime.”

At that point, Morgan chimed in, “You know, you all are really leaving me out of the conversation.”

“Sorry,” James said, shrugging his shoulders, “Just got caught up in the subject. Not to mention, you can’t try it, and probably wouldn’t like it, given your non DL-ness.”

By this time, lunch had ended, and the foursome headed up to their sixth-period classes, their spirits high after the conversation.

On the way home from school, being alone with Emma in the car, due to Annie’s practice, Alison asked, “Do you think I’d be able to hide it if I wet my pants?”

“Why would you want to do that? James said it wasn’t that great.”

“Just the thought of it sounds like it’d be awesome; I wanna try when we get home.”

“Well then why do you want to hide it; Mom’s OK with diapers, and I don’t see why this would be any different.”

“Good point. But I think I want to see how it feels before I tell Mom. There’s no sense in going through that again if I’m not even gonna like it.”

“Sounds reasonable. So go try it.”

Sure enough, immediately upon arrival, Alison dashed up to her bathroom and hopped in the shower for the third time in less than 20 hours. She stripped down to her panties and relaxed, trying to let the pee flow. Unfortunately, she hadn’t had enough to drink, so he redressed herself and headed downstairs, resolved to save the experiment for another time.

"In the streets the children screamed, the lovers cried, and the poets dreamed." (Now that's an emo type line from a long time ago. Though it isn't completely suicidal) - "American Pie"

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Re: The World of Dreams, ch 22

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May 31 2004, 3:10 AM 

Rock, rock on gooooood chapter ^_^ can't wait for moooore

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