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Manchester and Leeds prove that Northerners...DO DO IT BETTER!??

November 28 2005 at 9:36 PM
Ronster  (no login)

Well, god what a weekend, indeed I think I will be remembering this one until i'm old and grey.

I was wondering how I was going to cope with a double fat helping of the dirtiest house , a nice lad like me could handle and well, lets put it this way ,i survived to tell the tale!

Picked up Stone at Manchester Airport Friday night and we headed to hotel to check him in and see lil joey and mambobirdette.We arranged the pick up time and I later re picked them all up in the car and started heading towards Leeds.

I've always said that Leeds clubbing is on a better level than Manchesters and to be true to this KISS DE FUNK, provided a great night out.

Was great to catch up with MAD BARRY although he was less MAD and more Mild that night.. nevertheless its always agreat pleasure to see the guy.

Quite a lot younger crowd came to Leeds than say Manchetser (more on that below),but again Stone provided a great night full of the fatest beats I could have possibly wished for.

Next day we met up with the Scots crew(mad as always)and rich skiddle and mates.

Onto Staurday night and well like I said above we all noticed that the crowd was alot older and me and lil joey felt better at home at Twisted Elegance than friday night hahahahah?!

I for sure prefered Stones set on Staurday night and since the crowds reactions were going really well to the old school stuff, I went up to Stone with 10 mins to go and asked how he felt about playing his old time classic "show me love"...he instantly said yes and sure enough the last song of the night went out to all the old house heads that remembered what got them into Stones Music to start with... huge round of applause all round for stone!!

Special big hi to everyone that came from near and far, lil joey mabobirdette, mad barry(you'll alwys be mad to me mate), Scots crew, rich skiddle and sarah;its always great to see new and old faces.. but what really counts we were all able to listen to a fantastic
Stone bridge set!



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(Login richskiddle)

Re: Manchester and Leeds prove that Northerners...DO DO IT BETTER!??

November 28 2005, 10:15 PM 

course we do
fuckin nice to meet you ronster

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(no login)

yeah good to see u too

November 29 2005, 12:33 PM 

yep was good to see you, sarah and the other girl too..

all the best c u soon

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