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December 21 2004 at 11:25 AM
Laura  (Login outsider200)

Response to Open letter to the U.S. LST Association

I am saddened to see such letters on this web site. As a person of the younger generation and seeing what great things BOTH associations have done for this ship I felt I too must make some sort of contribution to this mudslinging.
I am Linda and Mikes daughter and am proud to say so.
I also have seen many good things that my parents have done over the last 20 years with the association
I also was there when all of the doings were going on to bring the 325 back to the states. There were many long hours involved and I am hurt that so much of what is said on this web site is untruths- Yes I do agree there are some things that do need to be worked out but to constantly slam and make my parents look rude and uncooperative is just wrong .
I am very proud of the 325 and so ARE my parents.
I was there when the 325 came into port and even helped with the donation money before the new board (325) for the association was created.
I also helped my mom collect and send the money to the LST ship memorial
Has all of her and Mikes hard work been unappreciated over the last few years since the turnover of the new board.
I understand you all need money but is slamming the association and my parents going to accomplish that .
I think all of you have done a great job in making this ship what it is today but now I do feel you are trying to destroy the association that started the ball rolling with such hurtful and cruel postings.
I want the LST 325 to make it to the memorial that it should be so that children of the next generation will be able to see a part of history. My children included.
But do you really think this is the way to do it .
Lets mudsling words back and forth until everyone dislikes everyone.
That in my mind is not the correct way to solve this problem
I am hoping this posting does not create a problem but as a daughter I could not just sit back and let things be said about my parents.
I truly hope all can be worked out.
I too want to see ALL OF YOU GET ALONG
Laura Buehrer

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  • Dear Laura - From the Signal Bridge on Dec 21, 2004, 12:30 PM

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