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NO, NO, no garage door in the side of the ship!!!

October 29 2005 at 3:45 PM
Corpsman  (Login Corpsman)
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Response to And are you saying you're not?

Here is the original post that now with a couple of months detachment from when I wrote it I can better see how the confusion began. NOTICE, that it starts out "Regarding: the garage door being cut into the side of the ticket/gift shop barge" meaning JUST the building structure on it shown in the picture. NOTICE, after the words "strange paint jobs," is a comma not a period. Also, when I was describing the wheelchair access and work party access, it was with the concept in mind that the garage door in the building made it easier along with the gangways/ramps, that were large, that led to the ships deck. I envisioned potential drive on delivery.

Golf Cart Access Garage Door
August 30 2005 at 8:52 PM Corpsman (Login Corpsman)


Regarding: the garage door being cut into the side of the ticket/gift shop barge, I figured that needed saying lest someone think that besides strange paint jobs, I'm suggesting putting in a garage door on the side of the LST.
It would seem that improved access to the ship is an important item in many aspects. Besides the improved access for wheelchairs and golf carts it would also be an improvement for emergency crews too. Also, at provisioning time, prior to sailing, it will be handy too. All Hands, Work Party, gather at the Quarter Deck to take on supplies!
I understand Mobile lost one of their WW2 airplanes that was on display near the Alabama. Does anyone know if it flew in the wind or floated in the flood?

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