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Results of Ghosthunters

October 30 2005 at 11:36 PM
Son-of-Rosie  (Login Son-of-Rosie)
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On Sunday, Oct. 30, WTVW Fox - TV brought a psychic and a team of Ghosthunters (don't call them Ghostbusters, they don't like that). Altogether there were 8 people making up this team to find Jonathan.

The psychic, a man named Rick -- website -- is from somewhere in Kentucky and new nothing about the ship. As soon as he reached the quarterdeck he asked us if the name "Jonathan" meant anything to us. So right away I'm thinking this guy is a fraud; he read this in the paper and is acting like he did not know it beforehand. Anyway, I didn't say that to his face but I simply told them the legend of Jonathan and that he supposedly was killed by a freak accident involving an anchor.

Larry Hahn and Tom Jake stayed on board with me to work with these people (I asked Chris Donahue but he said he could not stay). Larry and Tom took these folks on the same tour we take everyone. When the psychic re-emerged on the deck about 30 minutes later he said there were three ghosts on board the ship. He said Jonathan did NOT die on the ship. This is the first time I thought the guy might have something. He could not have known that there is no record of someone named Jonathan ever being killed aboard LST 325. The psychic said Jonathan was injured on the ship but recovered and died much later after a long life. He said Jonathan's last name began with a "Ba" such as Bainbridge or Baney.

The psychic -- Rick -- also said there was a ghost onboard named "Corky" who worked down in the engine room. And a third ghost who appeared to him standing on the stairs that leave the tank deck and go up to the crew mess. This third ghost he could not name but the psychic said he wore a gray cap and the ghost spoke to him. The ghost said he was there for "four hours." The pyschic asked me if there was any significance to four hours. I shook my head no. But of course I immediately thought of the "4 on and 4 off" shifts we do on board while at sea.

The Ghosthunters said they have to analyse their data from their electronic equipment and that will take about a day.

The last thing of note is that the Fox cameraman was struggling with his camera the whole time onboard. He said he brought three brand new batteries on the ship with him and that each battery should last a minimum of 45 minutes. Each of his batteries went dead in 5 minutes. One of the Ghosthunters overheard him and said that ghosts commonly drain batteries.

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