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Re: January 10 Party

January 9 2006 at 10:38 PM

SeaBat  (Login SeaBat)
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Response to January 10 Party

January 10, 2006 - the 5th Anniversary of the return of LST 325. I wanted to take just a moment to thank all of you. The impact the return of this ship has made to so many lives is beyond measure. The efforts of you, the Board of Directors, and the hundreds of volunteers who have worked to restore the ship and share her with the people of the United States is an honor and fitting remembrance to all of the thousands and thousands of Navy and Coast Guard Sailors who crewed them (during all war and peace times) and the troops that were transported on them. It is also an honor to all those on the homefront who labored to build them, and those who worked to provide supplies and munitions for the war effort.

The obstacles overcome in getting the ship home, making her operational, and the restoration and the efforts of collecting historical artifacts for the proposed museum continue to set an example and provide a reminder of what can be accomplished when people join together for a common goal, determined to succeed.

The honors do not stop there.

The Board and volunteers in Mobile and Evansville succeeded and exceeded goals set and look to the future. Your crew members continue to exemplify the finest America has to offer. The continued opportunities to educate, share history and participate in events is very much appreciated by many.

Sincerest thanks from the daughter of a World War II veteran. The gifts you have given us in your friendship, your efforts and the beautiful 'floating museum' are greatly valued.

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary! Many of us wish we could be in Evansville to celebrate with you, but work and family responsibilities will not allow us to do so. Celebrate the day, celebrate your great accomplishments!

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