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Bitts and Pieces

February 11 2006 at 9:12 PM

Tom  (Login RustyScupper)
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Response to I was wondering...

Yes. We have a very nice display on board which includes a British Bren light machine gun, a British Sten sub machine gun as well as the German MG34. We also have some very nice WWII aircraft photos as well as a Japanese flag, head band, British trenching shovel, and some tech manuals for the weapons.

We are currently doing the floors in the shop areas. One of our volunteers, by the name of Roy, finished working diligently to chip away all the old paint and rust in the machine shop and the area has had the first coat of "Red" paint. I saw some photos by the maintenance foreman that gives a fairly good "before" view of the machine shop floor. I will try to get a copy of that and then do the "After shot for you. The Scullery has had the floor completely redone by members of the Gold crew and it looks Great, thanks to Ron Maranto and Bruce Voges. These two also did a large area of the tank deck bulkhead while they were in town and some very hard work on the LCVPs. Thanks to Andy, the passageway running by the scullery has been chipped down and cleaned up as well as the galley and mess area, The control room has had some work done also. The Forward Port head area down to the Surgery has been reserved by the local Sea Scouts as a project and that includes four or five sections of the port wing deck. They plan on starting the project before the trip to Louisville.

I haven't been on board for the last couple of days due to the arrival of company but I wouldn't be surprised if more work hasn't been done in the above areas. It seems if you miss a few days and come back, there is always something that has been done to make the LST better.

I might add that the maintenance crew has just about eliminated all the leaks that appear after each rain shower. It is getting very hard to find a puddle anywhere below decks.

There has been some extensive work done on the LCVPs but I think I will call on Larry Hahn to fill you in on that. It has been his project and it is proceeding very nicely. I'll try to grab a photo or two of that progress also.


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