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March 5 2006 at 8:01 PM

Ray  (Login WVaRay)
Bilge Rat

Response to A link regarding another movie/documentary...

I saw in an on-line article the other day where Clint Eastwood is in the process of making an additional movie about Iwo Jima - but this time as seen from the Japanese viewpoint. Don't think this kind of thing has ever been done before to my knowledge. By the way, the same web site said "Flags of our Fathers" was planned for release in August of 2006 (earlier than I originally heard).
Another movie with a long LST sequence is one I bought (very cheap) called 'Beach Red' - a generic movie about a Marine unit in an island invasion. The movie is from the 1960's and is very sappy and not very good, but it does have a LST scene very near the beginning. The unit is aboard and LST and is preparing to board their LCVP's - they are staging just forward of the superstructure on the starboard side - you can see the wing deck and other features. Then, after they head down the cargo net and begin to motor away from their ship - you can see an LST in the background; I believe the 37, 38, or 39 (sorry, my cousin has my DVD at the moment).
Also (as an aside) - has anyone seen 'The Thin Red Line'. It has an early sequence where an army unit is going ashore on Guadalcanal and they have a pack configuration that I have never seen before. The bedroll is not arranged around the pack in a U, but rather is hung lengthwise down the back (extending beyond their butt). And, and interesting piece of trivia I picked up from a distant cousin (a 30-year Marine vet)- the Marines on Guadalcanal (since this was early in the war), the main weapon was the 03 Springfield - they had not been issued the M1 Garand as of yet.

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