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Navy Trivia

April 3 2006 at 5:47 PM
Bob Lenn  (Login Bob_Lenn)

GEEDUNK - To most sailors the word geedunk means ice cream, candy, potato chips and other assorted snacks, or even the place where they can be purchased. No one, however, knows for certain where the term originated, but there are several plausible theories:

1. In the 1920's a comic strip character named Harold Teen and his friends spent a great amount of time at Pop's candy store. The store's owner called it The Geedunk for reasons never explained.

2. The Chinese word meaning a place of idleness sounds like gee dung.

3. Geedunk is the sound made by a vending machine when it dispenses a soft drink in a cup.

4. It may be derived from the German word tunk meaning to dip or sop either in gravy or coffee. Dunking was a common practice in days when bread, not always obtained fresh, needed a bit of tunking to soften it up. The ge is a German unaccented prefix denoting repetition. In time it may have changed from getunk to geedunk.

Whatever theory we use to explain geedunk's origin, it doesn't alter the fact that Navy people are glad it all got started.

If you all want me to continue to research navy trivia let me know by responding to this discussion.

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