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So Bob...

June 7 2006 at 11:26 PM
Bob Lenn  (Login Bob_Lenn)

Response to So Bob...

This is beginning to be fun! Love to talk and laugh with interesting people such as you.
Reference to Bluejackets' Manual: " 'Schuttle' is a small opening through a hatch, deck or bulkhead to provide access; similar hole in side or bottom of ship; cover for such an opening; to sink a ship intentionally by boring holes in the bottom or by opening seacocks."
Some interesting web sites containing naval trivia:;
Actually, if you search for "Naval Trivia" there is more information available than you care to know or will be able to process in a lifetime. I have accumulated volumns, literally, of such "tommyrot."
I need to sign off for now - need much sleep for the coming day aboard LST 325 (0900 to 1900 hours). Will have put in a total of 43 hours of volunteer service from 6/6 through 6/11. I was told when I first signed aboard that this "job" would become additive. They were right! Simply love the opportunity to share the ship and it's history with everyone who is interested enough to visit her. I have even been accused of trying to drum up business when I'm out in public places! (I have turned into a monster thanks to all of my wonderful like-minded comrades!)

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