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Rope Trick

November 1 2006 at 9:35 PM
Stata70  (Login stata70)

Response to Talks with Association

You'd have more luck pushing a rope up a ski jump in the summertime, while wearing roller skates, than convincing the National LST Association that there is a problem between the groups.

Reading their recent Scuttlebutt newsletter you will find it continues to be Gunjak's way or no way. They just appointed a couple of hand picked new directors.

Suggestions given at the National Board Meeting concerning the LST Memorial and the US LST Association were conveniently denied/dismissed with no discussion, just denied/dismissed.

They made the point that only a small number of members signed the petition which is true. However had they allowed the petition to be published in the Scuttlebutt, they would have seen an overwhelming signing by membership.

They continue to monitor the Memorial Website, but refuse to pass the information along on the Scuttlebutt. They are aware of every move the ship makes, and could be helpful in advertising the coming events, but that's not going to happen.

They were well aware of the quote Mike Whitaker repeated that some of the attendees made about their National Convention this year.

Well, wouldn't you know they would published that!! That's called hoof in mouth disease.

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