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Registering Executive Inn hotel rooms for LST Week

December 1 2006 at 3:46 PM
Mike Whicker  (Login Son-of-Rosie)
Forum Member

Some people are being told that no rooms are available when they call the Executive Inn in Evansville. There are rooms available but you have to tell them you are with LST Week 2007 -- or a specific LST or amphibious forces reunion.

The Executive Inn has 470 rooms. They have to keep 50 rooms aside at all times to satisfy corporate contracts. All the other 420 rooms at the Executive Inn are now on hold ("blocked") for LST Week 2007. That is "blocked" or on hold, which means the rooms are being held for LST and amphibious forces people. That doesn't mean there are no rooms available.

Some of the rooms are blocked by the USS LST Ship Memorial for individual LST Week conventioneers. Some rooms are blocked by LST groups for specific ship reunions, and some rooms are blocked by the AAFA (amphibious forces) people who are coming in for LST Week.

If you are coming in during LST Week as an individual (or a couple), not affiliated with another LST reunion or the AAFA, tell the hotel person booking your room that you are with the LST Week 2007 group. You will get a room.

If you are coming for LST Week 2007 as part of another ship's reunion or you are with the AAFA, identify the ship or group name and tell them you are with that ship or group. You will get a room.

An out-of-town caller to the LST office today told the office ladies that he called the Executive Inn and was told there are no more rooms available for LST Week. But he did not tell them he was coming in specifically for LST Week. After the ladies in the office told him how to do it -- to identify himself as with the LST Week group -- he got a room.

When you call the Executive Inn, be sure and tell them that you are with the LST Week 2007 group, or give them the name of your individual reunion group if you are having a specific ship's reunion and your group has blocked rooms on its own.

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