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A BIG BZ to the entire crew!

June 8 2007 at 3:38 AM

Chris  (Login Cornfield1)
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Response to History Channel

Some observations were made by the History Channel crew more than once but particularly at the end of the 3 1/2 day stent when there was time to breath and reflect. These guys have done something like 150-200 documentaries for the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. They've been on many ship museums (the LST episode is the last of the 13 to be shot). Looking down from the bridge, they'd see 1 or 2 Higgins boats moving about giving rides, etc., an LVT doing the same thing, and all the tour guides scurrying about with a squad or platoon of tourists behind them. And for the most part, the crew was in uniform (white shirt, navy blue pants). We ran across the maintenance crew coming and going and I explained their intimate relationship with the daily essentials of keeping the ship a "living" museum.

They were impressed at the dedication of the crew to the ship. They mentioned a particular aircraft carrier museum they were on recently where it was hard to get to and was pretty much a ghost guided tours, etc. I won't mention the ship's name or location. Granted an aircraft carrier or battle ship would require a larger crew but proportionally speaking, the LST 325 is one of a very few museums with this level of dedication (and all volunteer). I made the statement that all of this is the "norm" around here, not the exception (I didn't mention the uniform of the day directive from Mike). Bottom line....I was damn proud to be a member of this crew!

Now here's some good news/bad news. It was filmed in high definition. That means Doug's stern winch and fantail will look mighty good. Now the bad news. There was quite a bit of close-up interview footage with Mike Whicker, the Captain, and Ad Mumford. Actually, they taped Ad twice (on 2 different days), to see if he'd tell the same story twice or "embellish" a bit.

There is a lot of footage in the engine room and auxillary engine room. On the rear dual 40s, tank deck (with particular focus on the open wound in the overhead). Troop berthing, bow doors opening and closing, ramp lowering, Higgins boat lowering. And the elevator in action with Tom Price's Jeep and Kenny's trailer on it. The elevator sequence was not in the original 50+ page script. However, with the cooperation of the maintence crew and others, it too was shot in some detail with Marty Morgan from the WWII museum standing on it and narrating. Marty also did narration on the rear dual 40's, engine room, troop berthing, tank deck, radio room, wheel house, main deck, from a boat describing bow doors/ramp operation while filming actual movement, and at the Higgins boat davit during operation.

Then there was the invasion of Kentucky with 2 Higgins boats and 1 LVT, and the reenactors. Can't tell you a lot about that, I was in the rear with the gear (on our main deck taking pictures of Germans in our forward 40 tubs).

To ad to what the Captain has already mentioned, a big BZ to Mike Whicker for the weeks and months of work putting this event(s) together. And of course the gals in the office who dealt with and managed the crowds. They are our point men (women) in this operation.

This episode should be edited and complete by July 30th. Not sure yet when it will run. There are 13 Hero Ship episodes and I believe the series starts in October so I reckon sometime this fall/winter. We'll all meet at Seabat's house to watch. She has a high def TV!

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