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There were 2 History Channel people

July 14 2007 at 7:13 AM

Chris  (Login Cornfield1)
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Response to Thanks for the great pictures!

Sammy is the cinematographer in the Indian Jones hat and Ron is the script guy in the LST baseball hat. Sammy's from Pennsylvania and Ron is from the NYC area. Marty Morgan is the clean-cut looking guy from the WWII museum (formerly D-Day museum) in New Orleans. Marty does narration. If you watch the History Channel documentaries, you'll see him. There will also be a studio narrator in the final product.

Local crew consisted of our own Keith Mosby for 2 days and my nephew, Matt Kayser, who sat in for Keith the first day since Keith had a graduation event to attend. And then myself who's main job was to keep the Captain, Boats, and Mike out of the picture since we were trying to show the "glamorous" side of the LST. Total shooting time was three 14-hour days from sun-up 0530-0600 or before till about 2000 hours. That first day of their arrival was about 4-5 hours just walking and talking.

Thank God for the youngsters! On Saturday, Matt was our "legs" and on Sunday and Monday, Keith was the man. These guys humped their butts off....chasing, lifting, transporting, relifting, retransporting of tripods, lights, diffusers, etc. And then there was our Evansville crew who operated the elevator, bow doors , ramp, elevator, and starboard davit for the action shots. And many of these shots took numerous takes. Sammy is a perfectionist! But then again, the audience will be about 40 million people on this episode.

A lot of footage was shot in the engine room (we humped equipment down ther 3 times . And you'll probably see Ad Mumford spinning a yarn down there. And then again on the bow ramp with Ad (it seems Ad is the prettiest of our crew). I couldn't hogtie a deck ape to appear on camera. Boats Voges ran off stating that he is bashful. So, if it seems on the final product that snipes seem to be the dominant force on an LST, well, you'll know why.

Action shots include bow doors opening/closing, ramp up and down, elevator operating with Tom Price's jeep on it, starboard davit lowering with LCVP in it, and the aft twin 40's moving while Marty narrates from one of the seats. Marty also narrates from the bow ramp, elevator, and troop berthing as well as other places.

Other shots include the wheelhouse (interviewing the Captain), radio room, inside the bow doors, tank deck, up close shot of the overhead wound in the tank deck from the German aircraft in North Africa, main deck, troop berthing, and on the con.

Five of our veterans were interviewed on the main deck and dock barge as well as Mike Whicker who you see on the barge in the pics. The final product is due out by July 30th but due to the fact that it is filmed in high def and there is appreciable footage of Mike and the Captain up-close, much photo-shopping and editing needs to be done .

Marty and the guys also stormed the beaches with our troops on the Kentucky side in the LVT and the two LCVPs as you saw in the photos. I was not with them on that assault since I was manning the forward twin 40s, "neutralizing" onshore bunkers prior to invasion. Since there was no beachmaster present, we had to rely on our piper cub from the Brodie Device for intel. The final invasion sitrep listed minimal casualties, one spranged ankle and two cases of poison ivy. And minimal collateral damage....two stunned sun bathers and three irate cows.

It was a great (but hard) 3 days. But just think of the millions of people who have no idea what an LST is/was and what it meant to the WWII effort. They will learn more in this 1 of 13 episodes than any other, I reckon. After all, most people have a general idea what an aircraft carrier, battleship, or destroyer is. But how many know that D-Day was delayed so more Last Ship There(s) could be produced? Or that it was Churchill who mentioned that the fate of two great empires rests on this Goddamned thing called an LST? Pretty kewl stuff!

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