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It Could, If.....

August 27 2007 at 2:40 PM
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Response to Don please respond

Yes, that would be feasible provided we had an IP-enabled radio gateway on-board. I've not heard anything to that effect, though, nor have I heard whether or not we have a subscription to the amateur radio packet network. Is it free? It would be great if we did have that kind of access for when the ship is enroute. Can anyone shed more light on this for us?

There is, however, an IP to 802.11 WiFi bridge on-board. It's currently located in the archives stateroom. If there is a public WiFi network near the ship the bridge can be configured to associate to it and then extend Internet access throughout the ship, wired and wireless. (Don't fret Memorial members, all the gear was donated.)

Due to the low cost of WiFi equipment and the popularity this technology enjoys adding the bridge was very simple. It has an access speed of 54Mbps, throughput of about 23Mbps and around 40Mhz bandwidth per non-overlapping channel. Combine this with free WiFi and it's a solution the most frugal Yankee would be proud of.

I'm familiar with the 3G and IEEE wireless networks but would love to hear more about the amateur radio packet network and its capabilities. Would anyone else like to chime in here? Is it something we can or should look into?


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