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September 24 2007 at 9:45 PM
stata70  (Login stata70)

I just returned from the US LST Association website where I venture now and then, as I am still a member. They mention how one could get to the LST 325 website, but also make the comment that they still cannot use any of the information from the LST 325 website on their web page.

I know Jim Anderson got into a riff with them several years back and told them all the stuff on the LST 325 was copyright and they could not use it. Although I don’t agree with how they (BOD of US LST Assoc.) have been non responsive to the Memorial as far as monetary support, I find it counter productive not to allow them to use information from the Memorial Website on their site. Would not them posting information such as the schedules, events and such of the ship help the Memorial? The Memorial can use all of the advertising it can get, and the US LST Association website could be of help …me thinks!!!.

Who is at the head of keeping them from not using information on their website now?? Has the Board of Directors made this decision? I’ve not seen anything to that regard in any publications of the Phoenix Newsletter, but maybe I missed it. Even if they did vote not to allow the US LST Association to use information from the Memorial website I believe they have made a big mistake.

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