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Re: outsider

January 10 2008 at 12:29 AM
Capt. 325  (Login Taibucks)
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Response to Re: Outsiders?

Just got back on web page. Outsider was maybe a poor choice of words. I could have used uninformed - not a word in my dictionary. Not knowledgeable -- knowledgeable means having or exhibiting knowledge -- not means what? Outsider in my dictionary says: a. One who is excluded from a particular party, association, or set b. One who is detached or isolated from the concerns or activities of his or her community. When you ask a question of "why we do something" You are detached and isolated from the ship's activities, since you do not know. I thought Dom answered your question quite well. I thought I gave a fair reason as to why we do things, and what we do has needed to be done for 7 years in most cases. You should also know that I am a champion of all who work, contribute, and support the LST 325. In my book all are important and equal. I am thin skinned, because I answer questions all the time to the best of my ability, and since I have given 100% of my time and energy to the LST for 7 years, I know about as much as anyone what is going on with the ship. I take exception that you took exception to one word that you took wrong, and said nothing about thank you for that good explanation on why the boiler came out. Bob Jornlin

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