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January 15 2008 at 12:12 AM
Bob Lenn  (Login Bob-Lenn)
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Do I like spam? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on my mood at the time. Recently ate some spam fried with hash browns and scrambled eggs. Pretty good! My favorite meal while on active duty with the Navy in the early 60's was chow mein. I remember my Aunt fixing us young boys homemade chow mein and it was great. Carried my taste over to the service and really looked forward to when it was on the menu - about every 2 months. Some of our crew didn't like it so that left more for us who did. There was always at least 2 menu entree choices in an attempt to satisfy individual tastes. I must say that I considered Navy chow to be the best in the world, even the sos. It was like a feast fit for a king every day. And the nutritional variety provided a great delight at meal time. I can't imagine why so many service people complained about the food they were served. Maybe they just experienced bad cooks, or perhaps I served during a time when food was plentiful and well prepared, or maybe just the Navy had the best food. Then again, maybe they complained just because they could! (Know what I mean, Vern?) How about someone responding about their general experiences with military food?

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