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February 10 2008 at 2:49 PM

From Kenny and Anna... "On the Road"  (Login SeaBat)
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was SEA TRIALS, February 14, 2005

by Kenny and Anna Adams

As seen from the fantail by Anna and the main engine room by Kenny (Black Gang)

With all systems up and running at 0500, dropping the gangway and all lines and with the crew and Coast Guard aboard at 0800, LST 325 left Hook's Terminal. Tug boats assisted the passage through the railroad bridge and our ship was set free at 0930.

Full speed ahead came across the telegraph and the 325 cut a path across the Bay. By high noon, every system was tested and tested again. From full ahead to full astern, Right full rudder, secure port engine, secure starboard engine and restart port. Man aft steering, shaft alley report on the bearing temperatures. Ballast starboard for a 3° list, then level her again. Switch from generator #4 to generator #1, man forward port and starboard fire lines, check fire pump pressure.

Like a wild mustang running across the plains, kicking up her heels and swinging her head, the 325 turned and twisted from starboard to port like she was just let out of the barn after a long winter storm.

Nightfall was upon us as she slipped back into her barn with a crew that was truly proud of themselves and their ship.

A lot of thanks go out to all those who were aboard in spirit and soul, and who made this day possible.

~ Kenny & Anna Adams

Note: She's come a long way since Valentine's Day, 2005... thanks to so many wonderful volunteers and crew members!

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