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February 19 2008 at 9:56 PM
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Response to Re: More Photos Taken Thursday

Much of the Navy's personnel received winterization training at Great Lakes Naval Base. Some during Boot Camp. Some like myself received it over on the Main side during the big snow storm of 1967 that required myself and many others "detailed" to clear the railroad tracks so the coal train could get onto the base to supply fuel to keep the place heated. Guess what the picture of those guys in Evansville reminded me of?
I hope when they are chipping ice from painted surfaces they keep in mind to avoid chipping carefully applied paint, or there will be more "paint chipping" and painting. Likely in the balmy climate of Evansville, so far south from Great Lakes, you only have to wait a little while for the sun to make it go away.
There were other details that I was on, loading the beer supply into the EM Club. Unfortunately since I was very under age at the time and was described as looking like I was an escapee from a "Cub Scout tour", when the beer was safetly stowed, everyone else would go in and do a quality check. While I guarded whatever.

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