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March 16 2008 at 9:56 PM
Capt.  (Login Taibucks)
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Response to I agree

We do mention the role of LST's in Korea and Vietnam. We also say that the LST was made for WW II, Built in WW II, and served in both Oceans.!

Most of the tour is about how the LST works, how we can go on the beach and how we retract, in short how and LST works and how different it is from all other Naval ships. We do not spend a lot of time telling all of the battles LSTs were in during WW II. For one the tour is long enough. We do say that LST 325 was at Normandy on June 6, 1944, because that is a fact and everyone knows about that invasion.

I had a gentleman who wanted to change the number on the LST 325 for one that served briefly in WW II, not at all in korea, but did serve and did win a host of battle stars in vietnam. He thought that since his ship had more battle stars that should be the number on LST 325. I told him NO. If we did change the number, it would not matter the ship would still be LST 325!. In short we can not make everyone happy, as there was 1051 made and they did serve for 30 plus years in the US Navy and the LST 325 served 35 years in the Greek Navy also. We can use more tour guides, and you can change your tour description to fit you. Capt.

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