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April 2 2008 at 9:58 AM
Mike Whicker  (Login Son-of-Rosie)
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Response to deleted


I deleted your post with all due respect to you, and not because I don't agreee with it. I deleted it for two reasons

1. It is a political statement and this is not the appropriate forum. At least this is the current modus operandi. If the Memorial board wants to allow political discussion and debate that would be fine by me. It might lead to some interesting posts, but that you will have to take up with the board.

2. I deleted your post because the statement we hear so often, "I support the troops but not the war," is considered by the vast majority of troops as a slap in the face. The war is the mission that they are devoted to -- again, I'm talking about the vast majority. They consider that statement, which they hear so often, as a sardonic oxymoron, and a laughable, but sad, two-faced political proclamation.

This is not my opinion. We have three LST Memorial members who have fought in Iraq -- two have just returned, and Dean Bruce is in Iraq now. The sentiments above are their sentiments, not mine.

With all due respect.

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