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All efforts are important

May 5 2008 at 8:26 PM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

In support of those who support.

One day I went to the circus for excitement there to see,
and the things that I saw there really amazed me.
A man on a trapeze swung though the air.
A girl swung on a trapeze hanging only by her hair.
A man in a silver suit was shot through the air
from a cannon at this end to a net over there.

At the top of the tent on a wire stretched so tight
walked a man and a woman glittering in the spotlight.
It frightened us all, what if they should fall?
Then the man with the Lions and Tigers fascinated us all.
The clowns made us laugh with their antics and jokes
And just then I noticed a man who was pulling on some ropes.

He was not in a spotlight, few knew he was there.
He worked in the darkness and was taking great care
setting the stage for the next act to begin
then taking down props of the last act when it ends.
He was not introduced, no one clapped, no one cheers
When this unknown performer worked all night and disappears
among the wires, ropes and cables, circus props, rings and gear.
He is the unknown performer who works behind the scenes
so that stars and the performers can live out their dreams.

All the actors and performers, veterans and upstarts
owe their success and fame to those working in the dark.
Pulling ropes wires and cables, making everything right
while the stars entertain us, the crew gets no spotlight.
His work is that important, their very lives are in his hands
The job he has to do is making great demands.
Those working in the background, which we can not do without
Making everything work right, but are seldom talked about.

This observation started me to think and to ponder
of those in the military at home and out yonder.
We can’t all be the stars standing in the spotlight
some must work in the dark to make it all work right.
Getting little attention, keeping out of sight.
Working long hard hours even into the night.
The one on the battlefield is the star of the show
The rest of us support them doing what we know

The supply folks, office workers, recruiters and reserves
The mechanics, the pay masters and instructors, they all serve
to support those on the front lines, to be part of the big team
of solders and of sailors, Coast Guard, air corps and marines.
The journalists send stories from wherever our troops are
so those in the background can see from afar
that their efforts are not wasted, their work is not in vain
We can not fight without them, drive a tank or fly a plane
keep fighting and keep winning and come home again.

Were it not for our support team we would never win a fight
Working hard in the background and working out of sight
In the warehouse, in the office, in the Forts and home ports,
Paying bills, getting contracts, ordering supplies, doing reports
It’s a never-ending battle getting all the hard work done
The support staff works just as hard as the ones who carry guns.

We can not all be stars, share the spotlight, steal the show
But to those who do the circus there is one thing they all know,
Without the man in the darkness, pulling lines and working hard
Setting up and testing, watching out and keeping guard
Doing all the support work, you look again and he is gone,

If he were not to be there, the show would not go on.

Bob Pointer

Bp/HLP 06

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