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Chappie had an inquiry...

June 3 2008 at 8:03 PM

SeaBat  (Login SeaBat)
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From Tony Chapman -
We do not believe the model shown here was neccessarily British ie RN or RM. We believe it to be a craft used primarily by America in the Pacific and later Vietnam. Can you or any of your contacts confirm what the
craft was called? We believe the model shown to be an LCP type...thats about it!!! It does not appear in any of my landing craft books of WW2...?

"A 1/6 scale model boat. I bought this from the father of a friend (now deceased) who made it himself in aluminium. He called it a light support craft and told me that he served on one of these during his military service in the early 1950's. According to him they were used by engineers in WWII for bridge repairs and the like and by the Royal Marines to support assaults."

To me, it looks like a PBR.. but I'm no expert. Can anyone help with a more definitive response?

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