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Board Decision

June 25 2008 at 12:27 AM
Bob Jornlin  (Login Taibucks)
Forum Member

Response to Board decision

JCL (Strata) You seem to find a lot of fault with little or no facts to even have a right to comment on the President of uslst, what we (LST 325 Board) did; or what has gone on with the Ad-Hoc committee. Our decision which was based on our by-laws -- anyone who has or is detrimental to the LST Memorial, the ship, its goals, or its mission, can be refused membership or have his membership canceled. You have accused us of acting before the evidence is in? Our action had nothing to do with the Ad-Hoc request for financial information, which they are entitled to, under the law. The fact is they refused to let the USLST books be looked at, refused the 990 IRS forms for several years, which is in violation of non-profit corporation rules set by the IRS. I know who is the dictator in the national organization, don't you? Probably not! In the future try and call me or another board member before you run off about haif cocked on this discussion page. Bob Jornlin

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