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Those Gator Gals

October 11 2008 at 11:25 PM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

Ok girls, this one’s for you.
Those GATOR GALS, what do they do?

At first you might say, what’s there to ask?
They work in the office, not a difficult task.
Like any other job that you have not done.
it’s easy to suppose it’s no work and all fun.

They just sell folks tickets, take their money and then
Send them down the gangway for a tour to begin.
And when they return they hear people say
“I had a nice time, thanks for making my day”.

But if you look further and pay attention to things
There is much more to it than simply cash register rings.
It’s true what they say, first impressions are great
They set the stage for how our visitors rate
what they think of us and the job that we do
and they meet the Gator Gals before they meet the ship’s crew.
That bright cheerful smile, a pleasant “how do you do”,
where do you come from? how many in your crew?
We are so glad you came, to visit us today,
Have a great tour, watch your step along the way.

You might think that’s it, their job is done,
But lets look more closely at what’s going on.
If you have ever worked in an office, you know it’s true
There are many things one needs to do.
File papers, keep records, order supplies, count the cash,
Do inventory, restock shelves, clean up the place, and take out the trash.
Make contacts, do mailings, open and close the place
All the while keeping up a cheerful face.
Then there is the gift shop, souvenir shirts and hats
Trying to keep up with where everything is at.
Answer questions, make suggestions, take a message for someone
Talk on the radio, make the coffee, make sure the time logging is done.

Not all work in the office, there are other things to do,
Meet the ship at other cities, helping out the sailing crew.
Set up gift shops, make reservations, make sure everything gets done
They are the support crew, Gator Gals to the rescue,
some bring their families along too.
Often paying their own way, expecting nothing in return
But the chance to help the veterans and to help the public learn.
Driving long trips just to be there when the LST pulls in
Work their tails off, meet the public, and watch the ship sail out again.
They work hard on the annual work week They return for LST week too.
Doing all kinds of jobs and services, doing what they can do.
Do they do it for the money? Do they do it just for fun?
Must be another reason, they are not telling everyone.
If you listen while they are working, you soon will know they care
About the ship, what she stands for, and the people that come there.
They listen to the old stories, hold a hand, wipe a tear,
As old comrades tell of battles, about bravery and of fear.
Some have not talked about it since 1945,
Now they tell their tales to others just to keep history alive.
May we always remember, least we may forget.
The price we pay for freedom and not take granted for it.
The Gator Gals are the first ones they meet when they come to see the ship
And the last ones they say bye to as they take memories home from it.

I may not have mentioned everything the ladies have to do
But one thing for certain Those Gator Gals are working hard for the ship and all of you.

Thanks Ladies.

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