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Winch of stern anchor - special views are wished

January 6 2009 at 9:04 AM
>Denis  (Login lst1)
Forum Member

Dear members of the LST 325 Association,

first of all, I wish you and to the LST Restoring Team an happy new year 2009 !

I'm building a model of a LST at scale 1 to 35 (about 2m80 long)

I have an open question about the winch for the rear anchor : on the web it is quiet easy to find some views of this device generally taken from the stern to the bow.

In order to draw this winch to a blue print before its own assembling, I research some pictures taken in the opposite direction (from the bow to the stern)

It would be very nice when somebody take please some pictures of this device in the direction of the stern ? It would help me a lot.

I would be interested by some detailled views (clutch, transmissions betwen the different axis, the brake handle) because a large picture is not possible to betaken considering the small distance between the first deck room and the winch.

This model will participate on a model contest on June 6-7 2008 in the small town of Vierville-sur-mer on the OMAHA BEACH.

Hereunder you will see a picture of the construtor (myself) and the LST ; in my hand a lcvp of the italian company ITALERI; it will be scrashed because its weight is to high for the davit. On the model , 6 davits will be mounted , this model will reproduce an lst type 2 with an elevator
I have only bought 2 models of the 40mm Bofors and the Oerlikon 20 mm, and the the 2 propellers.
This model contains about 5 175 parts and the construction is underway 4 years.

Thank you in advance

best regards

denis RUPP

[linked image]

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